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Golden Nuggets: Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

Thursday, December 19, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet

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The 49ers play the Falcons Monday night in what is likely to be the last ever game at Candlestick Park. I am not a Bay Area native and I was not around for the glory years of the 80's, yet the park still holds tremendous sentimental value to me. I think Dwight Clark said it best yesterday, Candlestick is a dump, but It's our dump. Every game I have ever attended has been a nightmare in the parking lot before during and after the game. Still, I have nothing but good memories even during the terrible years of the mid 2000's. It's like I'm saying goodbye to an old friend, a really ugly old friend. The game Monday night is bound to be an emotional affair and the playoff implications are still huge. If we win, one of the Saints and Panthers will fall behind the 49ers in playoff seeding. After that, we only need to win to hang onto the 5th seed. The Falcons are having a terrible season, currently at 4-10, but Matt Ryan is still a dangerous QB with dangerous weapons at his disposal. To the links!

Farewell Candlestick:

Clark says Candlestick Park closing is 'bittersweet' (Gin)

BASGcast (Ep. 73): Remembering The Stick with Chris Biderman of Niners Digest (BASG)

(Audio) Dwight Clark: 'All I've Ever Known Is Candlestick' (49ers)

Clark: Candlestick is a dump but it's 'our dump' (Maiocco)

Dwight Clark: Leaving Candlestick Park is "bittersweet" (Lynch)

Longtime fans of Candlestick Park prepare to say farewell to iconic stadium (Inside Bay Area)

Bruce Miller was placed on IR yesterday after breaking his scapula in the Buccaneers game. There was a lot of talk ever since Sunday about who would replace him in the lineup. Former Stanford and Jim Harbaugh FB Owen Marecic and Former 49er DT/FB Will Tukuafu were possibilities to back up Boobie. The 49ers yesterday brought in Tukuafu who, despite being listed only at FB, could also provide D-line depth if needed.

Anthony Dixon Looks to Start at Fullback (49ers)

Report: 49ers sign Will Tukuafu; place Bruce Miller on injured reserve (Gin)

Tukuafu’s expected return will help compensate for Miller’s exit (Inman)

49ers Place Bruce Miller on IR, Sign Tukuafu (49ers)

Kaepernick: 49ers plan to maintain offensive identity without Miller (Branch)

New fullback: Tukuafu takes Bruce Miller's roster spot (Barrows)

49ers place Bruce Miller on injured reserve, sign Will Tukuafu (PFT)

49ers add big fullback (ESPN)

49ers place Miller on IR, re-sign Tukuafu (Maiocco)

Michael Thomas, who was claimed off of our practice squad by the Miami Dolphins, was a key player in the Dolphin's win over the Patriots. Yesterday, he won AFC defensive player of the week and has some of us regretting not calling him up. Miller injury occurred a week too late to keep Thomas (Maiocco)

49ers vs. Falcons:

Must happen/Can’t happen against Falcons (ESPN)

Dilfer: "If you’re a skill position guy for the Niners, you’re only getting the ball if the play was designed to get you the ball." (Cohn)

Kaepernick: passing game at season best, thanks to Crabtree’s friendly competition with Boldin (Inman)

Kaepernick now has two fiery, demanding receivers in his ear, and he couldn't be happier (Barrows)

Pump up the volume: Kaepernick thrilled to have Boldin, Crabtree demanding ball (Branch)

Kaepernick: Boldin-Crabtree competition helps everyone (Maiocco)

Kaepernick is loving his spirited receivers (ESPN)

Kaepernick: Without Miller, mindset does not change (Maiocco)

Anthony Dixon ready for expanded role (ESPN)

Kap's take on easily the most annoying thing about the Harbaugh era 49ers. For the record, I believe it's a coaching issue and not a Kap issue. Alex also had the same problem under Harbaugh/Roman. Kaepernick explains why clock concerns are minor (Maiocco)

Tick, tick, tick: Kaepernick weighs in on clock-management issues (Inman)

After a week of Harbaugh/Texas tension and constant self reminders that Harbs would never leave us, Tim Kawakami wrote a fascinating piece about the working tension between Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke. Today we had some fallout from that piece, even Jed York opened up on the issue.

York: Harbaugh's never asked for more personnel power (Barrows)

York defends Harbaugh-Baalke dynamic: ‘(Jim) has a lot of respect for the job Trent has done’ (Inman)

Jed York downplays coach-GM tension (ESPN)

York expects to sign Harbaugh to extension after season (Maiocco)

Jed York: Harbaugh has never asked for more control over personnel (PFT)

Jed York: Jim Harbaugh hasn't asked for more power (NFL)

In February, York detailed the ’5 percent’ in Harbaugh-Baalke dynamic (Branch)

Behind Enemy Lines:

Falcons Nolan set to face familiar 49ers (ESPN)

I'm always a fan of current and former Giants having a tough time. Osi Umenyiora moves to reserve role in Atlanta (PFT)

Falcons Injuries: Sean Weatherspoon, Darius Johnson Not Practicing (the Falcoholic)

In Other News:

The NFL has teamed up with the Golf Channel in a series called Big Break NFL. They send former NFL players like Jerry Rice and Chris Doleman to Puerto Rico and team them up with golf pros to compete. Jerry Rice won the show, so I guess we can chalk another one up for the good guys. Jerry Rice Wins 'Big Break NFL' (49ers)

Breaking News: NaVorro Bowman is a good football player. High praise for NaVorro Bowman (ESPN)

Niners Appear Much Stronger at Cornerback (NBC)

Our QB is a man of many skills. He not only has Armadillo skin, he is also a magician. What's next? Laser beams out of his eyes? He already throws them. Morning Tailgate: Kaepernick Plays 'Houdini-like' (49ers)

Come on people, we are better than this. I would expect Seattle to do something like this, but they don't get nearly enough sunlight for us to expect them to make proper decisions. 49ers Fans Raise Cash for Seattle Billboard Taunting Seahawks Fans (NBC)

Trend that needs to go away: fan billboards and airplane banners (BASG)

Todd Mcshay is probably going to do 500 more of these before May, but here is the 49ers pick from his first mock draft. If you want the full version, I imagine the bloodsuckers at ESPN will make you buy their magazine first. McShay has us taking Minnesota DT Ra'Shede Hageman with the 32nd 28th pick in the first round. Personally, with Boldin and Crabtree both nearing the end of their current contracts, I would want us to target the best available WR. McShay mocks the 49ers' first-round pick (ESPN)