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Anthony Dixon has defied odds before, can play fullback

I believe Anthony Dixon can play fullback. Why? Because he's awesome and I'm biased. So what?


The San Francisco 49ers will be without fullback Bruce Miller for the rest of the season and throughout the playoffs. That much is known -- what isn't known is how exactly the position will look going forward. We already know that the team signed Will Tukuafu, a defensive lineman convert who lined up at fullback in one of Jim Harbaugh's crazy something-or-others, but apparently did it well.

And we already know that running back Anthony Dixon is likely to get the first crack at being a fullback. Now, I am incredibly biased as I am a huge fan of Dixon, even if he's become somewhat easier to understand on Twitter over the years.

I've often been critical of the 49ers using Dixon in the wrong ways, though. When they throw a toss to Dixon on a 3rd and long outside, I can't help but wonder if they were just picking plays at random. When Frank Gore is totally fine to go on a third and inches, why is Dixon the guy?

But Dixon has done a lot to impress me. He's been solid on special teams, one of the best, and has found his niche there. I think he's excelled in what should realistically be asked of him. More than that, he's defied the odds. I'm his biggest fan (probably) and I had him failing to make the roster this season. But here he is.

Now what about as a fullback? This won't be the first time he's taken snaps at fullback, and it was seen as something he might have to do if he were to make the roster this season. He certainly has the build for it, and the strength. Given that he's done everything asked of him so far, I'm certain he can grasp his assignments and what he needs to do.

So what do I expect? I expect him to be pretty darn awesome at it. Maybe I'm clouded by the fact that I'm a total Dixon fanboy. Maybe I don't care about that fact, either! What do you guys think?