Candlestick Park Farewell: Tell us about your FIRST trip to the Stick

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Candlestick Park is coming to a close this season as the 49ers prepare to move into Levi's Stadium. The 49ers are likely playing their last home game this Monday when the Atlanta Falcons come to town. The 49ers have a chance at a playoff game there, but the odds are pretty slim. More than likely, Monday is the swan song for the Stick.

We've had posts about favorite moments, but I'd like to get a little more specific. Tell us about your FIRST trip to Candlestick Park. It may not have been a memorable game, but it was your first time, so it's at least a little bit memorable.

This might surprise people, but my first trip to Candlestick Park was not until August 2007. I was born in Las Vegas, and moved around a lot, and while I was a huge 49ers fan, I never got to Candlestick prior to that. I moved to San Francisco in 2003, and as a grad student at the time, funds were limited and I wasn't going to spend them on the 2004 or 2005 49ers.

My first trip was courtesy of a company ticket a friend of mine had. It was for the 49ers-Broncos preseason contest, and we were actually in the front row of I believe the east end zone. It was great to be that close to the field, but absolutely atrocious for watching the game. I couldn't see a thing being right at the same level as the players. It was a preseason game, so that really wasn't a big deal. It was mostly just a chance to hang out, drink and have a good time.

What was your first experience at Candlestick Park? If it was baseball, list that, and then list your first 49ers experience at the Stick.

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