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Vernon Davis not pleased with the T.J. McDonald tackle

Stephen Lam

Vernon Davis dealt with a rather brutal tackle on Sunday, and he had some thoughts on a rule change. I'd say it's hard to force intent, but I think even if it happens accidentally, there should probably be a penalty:

In case you missed it yesterday, Rams safety T.J. McDonald tackled Davis from behind, and he grabbed hold of Vernon's business. Rather than post the video in here, if you really want to see it again, click on that link. It's painful looking, and Vernon said as such after the fact.

There were plenty of great tweets following the incident, but @xmasape had one of the best:

Vernon left the field briefly, but returned and later scored a touchdown while leaping over a defender. I think Lil' Vernon is ok, but it's time to end penis tackles before they get out of hand!