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Niners Nation Podcast: Weekly recap 12/20/13

All of the podcast episodes from the week of 12/15/2013, compiled into one show.

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We've decided to record shorter episodes of the Niners Nation Podcast and post more of them each week. This gives listeners more frequent, quick-listens for when time is of the essence. We'll also compile them all together and post a "weekly review" episode, most likely on Fridays. That way if you have a long commute and are interested in a lengthier show, you can wait and check out everything from the podcast that week, all at once.

These posts will give you a chance to ask questions that Tre and/or Jason may be able to address on the show, as well as be the place to listen to the show, right here!

As promised, here is a compilation of this week's episodes, in one giant segment, for those who have long commutes or just prefer to listen to everything all-at-once.

Included are discussions with Falcons blogger and NFL Draft guy Scott Carasik, Tre and Jason talking about the Buccaneers game, Falcons match-up, as well as Jeff Deeney bringing PFF's take on those games.

Finally we reflect on Candlestick Park and what it's meant to us, as well as how it deserves to be sent-off in style before the 49ers move-in to their new digs in Santa Clara.

Listen or download the show right here using the player above, or check iTunes if you prefer to connect that way.