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Week 16 Sunday Night Football game thread: Bears vs. Eagles

We take a look at the implications of Sunday Night Football, and open a thread for discussion.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A wild Week 16 Sunday comes to a close with the Philadelphia Eagles hosting the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night Football. The Eagles are currently 8-6 and a half game up on the Dallas Cowboys. The Bears are 8-6, and a game up on the Green Bay Packers.

If the Bears win the game, they clinch the NFC North, and the three seed. They benefited today from the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions both losing. If the Bears lose tonight, they would face the Packers next week with the NFC North on the line.

If the Eagles win, they gain the head-to-head edge over the Bears, but do not clinch the NFC East. The Eagles travel to face the Dallas Cowboys next week, and with the Cowboys winning earlier today, that game will decide the division. Either this game or Bears-Packers would end up flexed to Sunday Night Football. Exciting times abound!