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Golden Nuggets: Handle Your Own Business First

Monday, December 23, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet

Jeff Gross

Another Sunday with no 49ers football and somehow we still have a ton to talk about. I for one, find it fascinating that with only two games left the 49ers could possibly get the first seed or miss the playoffs altogether. Strange I know, but hey, that's the NFL for ya. There were some really important games yesterday, the Panthers beat the Saints, giving the 49ers the 5th seed for the moment. The Cardinals beat the Seahawks at home, yeah, the Seahawks lost at home for the first time in two seasons. 49ers fans everywhere could not have been happier, my question is should we? Being from Sacramento (Re: Kings-Seattle fiasco) and a lifelong 49er fan, I hold no soft spot for the great foggy north. But is a hot Arizona team winning really the best thing for the 49ers? We do play them next week after all. Winning in the NFL is never a forgone conclusion, and despite being a superior team to the formerly great Falcons, they are still an NFL team with a great QB. It IS possible that we lose to the Falcons and travel to Arizona to play for our playoff lives. That's the nightmare scenario, it's also possible that we win both games, Seattle loses to the Rams, the Panthers lose at Atlanta and the 49ers are the first seed in the NFC. My point is that no matter how unlikely an event is doesn't mean we should gloss over it. Seattle lost, that's great, but the 49ers have to beat the Falcons before that matters at all. Lastly, just to piss off Bob Costas, the 49ers control their own destiny, we win, and nothing else matters. To the links!

Seahawks Leave the Door Open (Barely.)

If you had asked me Saturday or even Sunday during the morning games, I would have given Seattle losing two games in a row at home a 2% chance of happening. They've already lost one, I'll give the Rams a 10% chance next week. Stranger things have happened but I won't be holding my breath.

49ers’ NFC West-title hopes alive after Cardinals upset in Seattle (Inman)

49ers will bid regular-season farewell to Stick with division-title hopes alive (Branch)

Seahawks' loss opens door for 49ers (ESPN)

Cardinals end Seattle’s home win streak, make things interesting for 49ers (BASG)

'Stick scenario: Seahawks loss means 49ers still can take NFC West (Barrows)

49ers still alive in NFC West division race with Seahawks loss (Gin)

Falcons, Candlestick, and Assorted Team News:

Jed York on 'Right Way to Send Candlestick out' (49ers)

(Slideshow) Candlestick Park Memories (NBC)

49ers coordinators will not miss rush to Candlestick Park locker rooms (Gin)

Return to the NFL winner’s circle (Cohn)

Iupati, Manningham questionable for Candlestick finale (Maiocco)

DeBartolo to serve as honorary captain at Candlestick farewell (Maiocco)

D-line’s offseason work leads to in-season rest for Smith, McDonald (Branch)

49ers should rout Falcons on MNF (BASG)