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49ers 360° view of Candlestick Park on game day

The San Francisco 49ers are about to wrap up their Candlestick Park era, as they host the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night Football. Technically they can still host a playoff game (or two) at the Stick, but odds are not high for that.

With that context, today has been a day of getting ready for the potential farewell. Earlier today, socalisteph wrote about her lifetime of experiences at The Stick. Earlier in the week, Steve Busichio put together a retrospective on Candlestick. I also posted an open thread for people to talk about their first experience at Candlestick Park.

The 49ers are doing plenty to celebrate the end of the Stick. The team has been using something called to post 360 views from different parts of Candlestick Park. The video above is on the field. Below are a few more views.

In the locker room

From the seats

From the parking lot

View of the bay