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NaVorro Bowman interception return for touchdown clinches playoff berth, crowd goes wild

The 49ers clinched their third straight playoff berth thanks in part to NaVorro Bowman's game-changing interception return for a touchdown. We've got some great crowd reaction courtesy of Bay Area Sports Guy.

The San Francisco 49ers won a wild one over the Atlanta Falcons on Monday, improving to 11-4 with a 34-24 victory. The 49ers took the lead in the third quarter, and seemed ready to put the game away in the third quarter. The Falcons figured out a way to stick around, and eventually found themselves deep in 49ers territory with a chance to at least tie the game late.

And then NaVorro Bowman happened.

With just under 1:30 to go, Matt Ryan threw a pass to Harry Douglas. The Falcons receiver got a hand on the ball, but Tramaine Brock got a hand on it as well. Brock broke up the pass, the ball floated in the air, and Bowman got his hands on it.


I was in attendance at Monday's game, and I actually ended up right near this interception. I was down on the field with Bay Area Sports Guy, and we had moved over to that side of the field. We were about 10 or 15 yards from Bowman when he got the ball in hand, and as soon as he took off, things went crazy.

BASG was able to get the video up above capturing the reaction of fans, players, coaches and other folks on the sideline. He also put together a breakdown of the pick-6 through numerous GIFs. Head over and check it out. Additionally, the 49ers put together a fantastic video of the interception. It's really great.

It really was a goose bump-inducing evening, and this captured the insanity. The players in particular loved this play. It came shortly after Bowman had missed a chance to recover an onside kick. His touchdown sealed the game and made up for the previous play. The sideline got a kick out of it, the 49ers put this game away, and all was well.