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Jim Harbaugh complains about something to an official

Jim Harbaugh was displeased about something involving an official late in Monday's win. Any ideas what it was?

Thearon W. Henderson

Having Jim Harbaugh as head coach means a lot of things. Among other things, he became the first coach in franchise history to lead the 49ers to the playoffs in his first three seasons. George Seifert came close, missing out by a tiebreaker in 1991. Speaking of Seifert, Harbaugh is three wins back of him for most wins in his first three regular seasons. Harbaugh has 35, with a chance at 36, which would put him two back of Seifert's 38.

One reason Jim Harbaugh is such a great coach is that he has a fiery drive to win. He's not just competitive, he wants to win more than just about anything else. It's great for getting Ws, but it can lead to the occasional over the top situation. And by occasional, I generally mean at least once a game.

In the closing seconds of Monday's 34-24 win over, Jim Harbaugh was not pleased with a decision by the officiating crew. Or at least, that appeared to be the case:


On 2nd and 2, Matt Ryan completed a pass to Tony Gonzalez for nine yards. C.J. Spillman forced Gonzalez out of bounds, and then the 49ers proceeded to call a timeout. And it appears that is when Jim Harbaugh had his problem.

I was actually down on the sideline by this point, so I didn't see any broadcast coverage of this. Did anybody catch what the problem was?