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Golden Nuggets: Merry Christmas to All and to the 'Stick a Good Night

Wednesday, December 25, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Stephen Dunn

Merry Christmas, everyone. It's a beautiful 85 degrees here in sunny Melbourne and it's already Christmas Day for me. That means two things for me. 1) I'm already drunk and 2) I'll have to keep things short. There are tons of links, so I'll get them going for you shortly. It should be said that that was a great game and a great ending for Candlestick Park (assuming we don't miraculously earn a home playoff game). When the Falcons recovered the onside kick I thought we might be doomed. We hadn't stopped the Falcons passing attack all game. Then to see NaVorro Bowman make the kind of play that changes a season was great, especially since he would have been one of the goats for letting the onside kick get by him had we lost.


49ers vs Falcons

What a play by Bowman. He was blitzing, got blocked and faded back into coverage. A big assist goes to Tramaine Brock, one of our other stars on defense this year (coming out of nowhere, no less). | Bowman pick-6 clinches final game at Candlestick Park, playoff berth (BASG)

A great game from Michael Crabtree. He had a quiet first half before exploding. I'm so glad he's back for the playoff run. Imagine where this team would have been had he been healthy all year. The outcomes of those four losses could be much different. | Crabtree a Catalyst for 49ers in Victory over Falcons (NBC)

And this is why our team is awesome. | Kaepernick, Bowman changed play calls in 49ers' win (NFL)

49ers defensive grades vs. Falcons in Week 16 (Gin)

49ers offensive report card vs. Falcons in Week 16 (Gin)

Even more GIFs from the last game at Candlestick Park (BASG)

ReFo: Falcons @ 49ers, Week 16 (PFF)

Upon Further Review: 49ers Week 16 (ESPN)

Do you care about Kap's shoes? I didn't think so. | 49ers Colin Kaepernick does a stylin' mid-game wardrobe change during Candlestick showcase (Inside BA Sports)

Harbaugh Links

Happy Birthday, Coach Harbaugh. | Harbaugh ‘happier than a pig in slop' after big victory (Inman)

Video and transcript of Coach's session with the media. | Coach's Notebook: Dec. 24 (

Transcript: Harbaugh is 'happier than a pig in slop' from win over Falcons (Gin)

Harbaugh declines to discuss penalty (ESPN)

Bowman Links

The play of the year for the 49ers. That would have been one hell of a dogfight next week in Arizona had we not won. | NaVorro Bowman picks his spot in 49ers' Candlestick Park lore (Inside BA Sports)

I think a lot of teams liked Bowman going into the draft but he had off-the-field concerns (sort of like Honey Badger). | One that got away: Falcons eyed Bowman before 2010 draft (Branch)

Bowman's pick-six more impressive upon inspection (Maiocco)

Candlestick Links

Here's a montage to Candlestick Park with Journey as the soundtrack. There's an article attached to it if you care. | Candlestick Park Treated to Proper Finale (

Now that's the Candlestick I remember. | 81 Kicked Out, 30 Arrested at Candlestick Park (NBC)

Is there any word on whether Banjo Man is going to have a seat at Levi's Stadium? | Banjo Man Didn't Miss Candlestick Park Farewell (NBC)

Inside the LOL: Candlestick Park and the magic of YouTube (BASG)

Candlestick Park delivers a perfect Christmas gift (BASG)

Inside Look at Candlestick Park Finale (

49ers and the Playoffs

This explains who the 49ers could play and how that scenario comes about in the playoffs. I think we destroy any of the four we could possibly play, but I think that the Bears and Cowboys are the easiest. Green Bay would love to end our season and Philly seems so unpredictable. | Playoff scenarios: The 49ers will play _______ in the opening round (Barrows)

If the playoffs started today (December 24, 2013)… (49erswebzone)

Misc Links

The NFC West is a combined 40-20 this year. You take away division games (in which a team from the division wins and loses) and they are 30-10. Dominating the league, . How dangerous will the Cardinals be (if they get a top-20 QB) and the Rams with their No. 2 overall pick? And the 49ers and Seahawks aren't going anywhere. | NFC West Report: Still Crowded at the Top (

4th is about where we sit in many Power Rankings. You could make an argument for higher, but Denver, Carolina and Seattle are deserving. This should be a great year for playoffs once these couple of scrub teams are eliminated in the wild card round. | Power Rankings: No. 4 San Francisco 49ers (ESPN)

I think he's done a lot for this team, but how do you guys feel about this? I know there's a bit of a love-hate relationship with Greg Roman here on Niners Nation. | Will Greg Roman get head coaching looks? (ESPN)

Fullback committee up next for 49ers (ESPN)

Points of Discussion

Will Greg Roman get a head coaching position?

If the 49ers are indeed a Wild Card, list the opponents you'd like to see us face out of the 4 possible from most favorable to least.

Any concerns about our secondary after having probably their shakiest outing of the season? Eric Reid got beat for the first time. Does it look like last year?