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Ahmad Brooks wins appeal of fine for Drew Brees hit

49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks told the media he won his appeal for the hit on Drew Brees. It doesn't make the loss easier to digest, but it's a minor victory nonetheless.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, Ahmad Brooks informed CSN Bay Area that he won his appeal over the hit he laid on Drew Brees in Week 11. Brooks received a flag for unnecessary roughness, and a few days later, he was fined $15,750. According to Matt Maiocco, former Ravens center Matt Birk heard the appeal over the phone and ruled in Brooks' favor.

Here is a quick look at the hit once again:


Akiem Hicks had a similar hit and avoided a fine:

Over the last few days, we've discussed Donte Whitner's hit on Steven Jackson. He was penalized for unnecessary roughness, but subsequently was not fined. Whitner's hit has further proven the need for some kind of replay option for penalties. Brooks' appeal adds to that case, although it is possible Brooks' hit would have been upheld on review. After all, an initial fine was still levied in this instance.

The 49ers overcame the Whitner penalty to beat the Atlanta Falcons, but the Brooks were unable to do so against the New Orleans Saints. On the Brooks hit, the 49ers led 20-17, and Patrick Willis recovered the Brees fumble. The 49ers were not guaranteed to win the game, but they would have had the ball at their own 45 with 3:18 to go. Maybe they go three and out, maybe they run out the clock, maybe they add to their lead.

Whatever the case, they never got the opportunity they deserved. This very well could have cost the 49ers home field advantage through the playoffs, so I understand the need to complain. I'm annoyed myself. However, the 49ers just need to move on, and take care of business whatever the case. They are a talented team, and can hang with anybody in this league. Going into Seattle or Carolina (or New Orleans) would not be ideal, but they can win anywhere. It's just a matter of execution.