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Greg Roman could remain in the mix for potential head coaching jobs

Even as 49ers fans complain about Greg Roman’s work as offensive coordinator, he reportedly remains notably on the radar in coaching circles. Is this the year he finds a head coaching opportunity?


Over the course of this season, and really dating to parts of last season, 49ers fans have raised plenty of concerns about the work of offensive coordinator Greg Roman. It's reached the point where we have considered whether his stock had taken a hit with some of the offensive struggles the 49ers faced this season.

Well, that might not be the case after all. According to CBS Sports' Bruce Feldman, Roman still has a "hefty" reputation inside coaching circles. Feldman brought this up while discussing the potential Penn State opening. Head coach Bill O'Brien has reportedly agreed to interview with the Houston Texans, and his stock is fairly considerable following his turnaround in Happy Valley.

PSU would be a fitting opportunity for Greg Roman. He is originally from not too far away in New Jersey, and he reportedly interviewed at Penn State the year O'Brien was eventually hired. Roman lacks head coaching experience, but it seems like that would be less of a hurdle at the college level.

The 49ers will figure out where they stand in the playoff picture on Sunday, but odds are not particularly good that they get a bye. I don't know that O'Brien would be hired away from Penn State in such short order, but if the 49ers can make things happen in January (and maybe February), I do wonder when Roman would have time to interview for another coaching job.

49ers assistant coaches will likely end up in the mix for numerous jobs. Whether it be Vic Fangio, Brad Seely, Greg Roman or any other assistant, opportunities will arise. The 49ers compensate their assistants quite generously, but at some point some of them will be hired away. Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers organization have done a good job keeping the staff together, while also working in some new minds (easy on the Mangini jokes!). We'll see if this is the year coaches start moving on to bigger and better opportunities.