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#Channel49 Twitter Q&A NFL Week Seventeen: 49ers at Cardinals, Peterson vs Crabtree, Patton, Playoff opponents, and more

Every Friday, at 2 P.M. PT, Aaron Malone (@GafflezMalone) and I (@Woods49ers) host a Q&A session on twitter using the hashtag #Channel49. This week Turron Davenport (@TDavenport_BSN) from Niner Talk Central dropped by to help us answer questions.

Christian Petersen

The regular season comes to a close on Sunday, but #Channel49 never ends. We're talking on Twitter every Friday at 2 p.m. PT. Here are a few of the discussions we had.

I don't see it happening. Manningham has been hurt two years in a row now and whether he will ever be the same player is a legitimate question. He will be a free agent at the end of the season and I expect the 49ers to go in a different direction.

Both were impressive in their first week replacing the injured Bruce Miller. I'll give the nod of "more impressive" to Tukuafu because he was on the street as a free agent a week prior. Although Tukuafu knows the 49ers playbook and has been used as a fullback in certain sets, coming in with just a week to prepare when you're rusty is very impressive. He obviously kept in shape waiting for a phone call, and one came from the team he knows best.

With Mario Manningham going to injured reserve, you're going to see a lot more of Quinton Patton on the field. He will serve as the 49ers No. 3 wide receiver.

The Cowboys. I really don't like the Cowboys and would love to see the 49ers give them a good whoopin'. They have a horrible defense and a somewhat potent offense that the 49ers could keep in check with Kyle Orton at the helm. No victory in the NFL is easy, but I'd put the house on the 49ers. My second choice would be the Bears. Very similar to the Cowboys, as they have weapons on offense and an absolutely horrid defense. This might be the better matchup for the 49ers, as the Bears run defense may be the worst I've ever seen (Eagles game last week, just wow). I'd prefer if the 49ers could avoid the Packers or the Eagles. Both teams could give the 49ers a fighting chance if some luck bounces their way. Whoever the team they face, bring them on! The Niners bow to no man. The best scenario would be a Seahawks loss tomorrow, a 49ers win, and a first round bye! Still possible.

Sustaining drives on offense. Whether it be a play action pass on 3rd and short, or a dropped pass on 3rd down, the 49ers haven't been able to consistently sustain drives. As Kaepernick would say, they need to execute better. The second half, drives were sustained and the offense started to look dangerous. Why? They were executing. Kaepernick was going through reads quicker, ran without hesitation when an opportunity arose, and fired the ball into small windows with confidence. Execution, more of it will lead to the sustaining of drives and more points. It has been a weakness on a team that doesn't have many. But with Michael Crabtree back and the offensive line healthy again, more execution will transpire.

This is an easy one for me. There are other good match-ups, but I'll be paying close attention to Patrick Peterson vs. Michael Crabtree. Peterson has become one of the NFL's most exciting cornerbacks, but against Crabtree, he's had some games to forget. In four games matched up against each other, Crabtree has 27 receptions, two touchdowns, and 427 yards. Peterson said that Crabtree doesn't look as comfortable this year. While he is correct, I'm sure Crabtree will use that as motivation to get more comfortable and have yet another good game against Peterson. This should be a matchup to watch throughout the game, even on run plays, both players are very physical and aren't afraid to put hands on each other.