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Golden Nuggets: Bird Watching

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Crabs is the back. Let the good days roll!
Crabs is the back. Let the good days roll!
Stephen Lam

Before I get to the Nuggets-proper today, I'd just like to mention that we have a new addition to the NN family. Well, we do have some new contributors/writers on board, but I'm NOT talking about that. Instead, I'd like to give a shout out to our very own Aaron Malone who just became a proud father to his own little Nugget. Reports are still sketchy, but the initial word is that the baby has inherited Aaron's love for the 49ers after watching the game against the Rams last Sunday. I will let Aaron share the rest when he returns from his short "paternity leave" from the Nuggets. Feel free to throw the proud papa a few words of congratulations, advice or general ribbing in the comments or tweet him up .

Seahawks Week

And now, we are officially in Seahawks Week and boy does it feel good to know that #15 will be playing alongside Anquan Boldin, Vernon Davis, Frank Gore and Colin Kaepernick on the offense. Of course, the offense will still not be at full strength with the injuries to the offensive line, but no team is ever truly at 100% health during the course of an NFL season. It's just exciting to go into a much anticipated game against your most hated rival with a full quiver. So let's look forward to this next game with lots of confidence and try to keep some semblance of peace and non-trollery against the bird-fans.

How do you defeat the birds? You put on some Armadillo skin. | Back on track, 49ers prepare for rival Seahawks (Yahoo)

You haven't seen the best of the 49ers yet this season. Will it come against Seattle? | 49ers Surging Toward Matchup with Seahawks (Price)

Hopefully Mike Iupati will be ready for the 'Hawks game because we'll need help at the trenches with Joe Staley missing. | Backup 49ers linemen prepare to start vs. Seahawks (Maiocco)

Defenses have adjusted this season to stop the 49ers strong running game. This adjustment was working until Colin Kaepernick and the passing game stepped up in the last two contests. | Missing: Ground attack that can finish out game, complement revitalized passing game (Inman)

The last time Frank Gore complained about the lack of running, the 49ers reeled off 5 straight wins. Well here we are again. | Frank Gore is right: For the Seattle rematch and beyond, the 49ers have to run it much, much better (Kawakami)

"Daredevil" Davis

I prefer the headline: Jim Likes Jumpers or Harbaugh Hails Hurdlers. | Harbaugh won't be a hurdle to Davis' athleticism (ESPN)

When your coach compares you to Michael Jordan, you have to be a little stoked. | Harbaugh on Davis: ‘Did you tell Michael Jordan not to take off from the free-throw line?' (Branch)

Having an NFL rule against tackling a man's privates is not enough. It should be a Constitutional right. | Vernon Davis pleads for NFL to outlaw tackling by the crotch after his personal experience (Yahoo)

Shifting Lines

Both Iupati and Staley will be undergoing MRI's on their knees. | Staley, Iupati to have key knee exams today (Barrows)

Jim Harbaugh Optimistic on Staley, Iupati Injuries (49ers)

Baalke and Harbaugh have never balked at taking on players performing below their potential, and Glenn Dorsey has panned out for them. | Dorsey Disruptive on Field, Drama-free with 49ers (49ers)

Rams Redux

A good look back at the Rams game. Takes note of the strong performance of the makeshift offensive line against a strong St. Louis front four. | ReFo: Rams @ 49ers, Week 13 (PFF)

Lots of little tidbits and videos in this long article. | Week 13 Rewind: 49ers have last word in win over Rams (Maiocco)

Grading the 49ers in their victory over the Rams (Inman)