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Abraham Lincoln GIF'd up for Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh thinks that Abraham Lincoln riding across the field with a frock, top hat and American flag will fire some folks up. Well, we've got a GIF. You fired up?

SB Nation GIF

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh is a master of the historical reference. Hardly a week doesn't go by where he doesn't find a way to make some reference to a historical figure, a piece of literature or really anything from the past. The man is a student of history and you can sense it when he answers questions.

On Wednesday, Coach Harbaugh met with the media to discuss Sunday's matchup between the 49ers and Seahawks. Someone brought up how noisy it is in Seattle, and asked Coach Harbaugh if he was hoping for a similar home field advantage when Levi's Stadium opens. Coach Harbaugh's response:

"Well, I would hope for that this week, that Candlestick, we get it cranked up. Make it a real great environment, because it'll be a great football game. I know players will be very enthusiastic for the game. If this doesn't fire you up, if this doesn't fire up the fans then what does? I suppose Abraham Lincoln riding across the field with a frock and a top hat, riding a horse, waving an American flag. I doubt that would fire them up, if this game doesn't fire them up. The people that really love football would be fired up by this matchup."

I've heard Jim Harbaugh make some random references, but this one might very well take the cake. I don't even know how this came into his mind. I can only imagine that he started talking about excitement, and he remembered that Abe Lincoln fired him up. And if you have questions about frocks and whatnot, Bay Area Sports Guy has that for you.

This line quickly became a thing last night, entertaining people on Twitter to no end. Former 49ers beat writer Kyle Bonagura

Well, Kyle, SB Nation GIF came to the rescue. I present to you, Jim Harbaugh observing Abraham Lincoln riding across Bill Walsh Field, holding his top hat and an American flag. And Honest Abe is even a 49ers fan!

Lincoln image courtesy of this portrait