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Golden Nuggets: Get Loud 'Stick, the Seahawks are Coming to Town.

Thursday, November 5, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

What would get you more fired up? 49ers vs Seahawks? or Abe Lincoln riding across the field in a frock and top hat, riding a horse and waving an American flag? I'm as big a patriot at the next guy, but 49ers Seahawks gets me just as fired up as anything. I agree with Harbs here, we may lack the fancy architecture that that Century Link has, but there is no reason why the Stick can't be as rockin' as it's ever been. Even if we win on Sunday, odds are that we won't catch Seattle for the NFC West crown, but winning out and being the proverbial "hot team" going into the playoffs is a very real possibility for us. I don't know about you guys, but this will probably be my last game ever at Candlestick and I wouldn't feel right If I didn't stand up and be as loud as I possibly could for the entirety of the game. To the Links!

Pregame Notes and Analysis:

Harbaugh: Game should generate 'Honest Abe-like' stir (Maiocco)

About the 49ers, Seahawks and Abe Lincoln (ESPN)

Harbaugh can think of one thing that would fire fans up more than 49ers-Seahawks (BASG)

Ingredients for a Harbaugh presser: Abraham Lincoln, Willie Mays, Jimmy Stewart (Inamn)

Morning Tailgate: Room to Run vs. Seahawks (49ers)

Frank Gore: "I am frustrated, but we’re winning" (BASG)

Frank Gore Feels Fresh Entering Week 14 (49ers)

Just where they want them: 49ers happy to host Seahawks (Branch)

Kaepernick and Wilson: In their words (Maiocco)

Harbaugh implores mocked fan base to make noise Sunday (Branch)

The 'bludgeon' is back: Justin Smith at full strength for showdown with seattle (Barrows)

That's our Armadillo skinned QB alright. After two lopsided losses, Kaepernick says Seahawks merely are ‘another team in our path’ (Inman)

Colin Kaepernick with a lot to prove against Seattle (Lynch)

Justin Smith Showing No Sign of Slowing Down (49ers)

Justin Smith leading defense (ESPN)

Rivalry? What rivalry? (ESPN)

Injury Timetables and Analysis:

The entirety of the Jim Harbaugh era with the 49ers has been incredibly lucky as far as injuries are concerned. This season, our luck seems to finally be running out. It seems every time we get someone back someone new gets injured. It sucks that we need to pay so much attention to it, but It is necessary at the same time.

Almost wait until next year for Lattimore (ESPN)

What does Patton's health mean for 49ers? (ESPN)

49ers not counting out Staley, Iupati (ESPN)

49ers injury watch: Staley, Iupati miss practice; Crabtree is full go (Barrows)

Practice report: Staley, Iupati don’t practice but not ruled out (Inman)

In Other News:

Jim Harbaugh appeared on the regional cover of Sports Illustrated, I'll let you see it for yourselves, but trust me when I say It's classic Harbaugh at his best.

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh appears on regional cover of Sports Illustrated (SI)

Jim Harbaugh Adorns Sports Illustrated Cover (49ers)

Yesterday, Kap basically said that he gets paid to play football and talking to the media was an obligation in his contract. One of the best things I read all day was the hilarious article from BASG. Ruthless sports guy also had a pretty great take on the issue. "The only difference between Kaepernick and Wilson talking to the media is that Kaepernick says nothing in fewer words." Agreed.

BREAKING: Russell Wilson enjoys interacting with the media more than Colin Kaepernick (BASG)

Michael Crabtree's Top 10 Gameday Kicks (49ers)

Second-year starting quarterbacks Kaepernick, Wilson are key men in revived Seahawks/49ers rivalry (SI)

Behind Enemy Lines:

Brandon Browner back at practice for Seahawks (PFT)

The curious case of Brandon Browner's suspension (CBS)