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Golden Nuggets: Never got into the 49ers-Seahawks rivalry

Friday, December 6th, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

Otto Greule Jr

Good morning ladies and gents. We've got the Seattle Seahawks this week, and hopefully you tuned in two the train wreck on Thursday Night Football to make yourself feel better. I have no idea what exactly happened to the Houston Texans, but watching them look pitiful against the Jacksonville Jaguars was somewhat hilarious.

Anyway ... I'm not sure how I feel about the matchup this weekend. You'll notice I didn't get in on the troll fanpost too much because honestly ... I don't really hate the Seahawks all that much. This has never been a huge rivalry and i don't see any reason it should be right now. They just don't register as an important team to me in the grand scheme of things.

A really good team, to be sure. But rivalries are built over decades, not two seasons of "rival" quarterbacks. But that's just me. At least I've got hating Pete Carroll to lean back on.

Staley takes step toward returning to face Seahawks (Maiocco)

Dorsey fully aware of Seahawks' cut blocks that injured Williams (Inman)

Strong statement: Wilson recalls Smith's bull-rush in Seattle (Branch)

Greg Roman: 49ers must take a 'chunk' out of Seattle's defense (Barrows)

Kaepernick on the run: 49ers follow same script (Maiocco)

Seahawks' Sherman on Crabtree: 'It's a big addition for them' (Inman)

The 49ers Are Looking Like One Terrifying 6-Seed (Grantland)

Brown or Brock? 49ers will have to decide soon (Barrows)

Second-year starting quarterbacks Kaepernick, Wilson are key men in revived Seahawks/49ers rivalry (SI)

Roman calls Kaepernick's last outing one of his best 'big-picture wise' (Inman)

Staley participating at start of practice, might keep alive starting streak dating back to 2011 opener (Inman)

Justin Smith back in Pro Bowl form, no longer in danger of getting 'mollywhopped' (Inman)

Here's The Catch: Montana might miss Candlestick finale (Maiocco)

Wilson's progress at QB puts him way ahead of Kaepernick (Cohn)