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Glenn Dorsey will be a key to containing Seahawks offensive attack

The 49ers will need to maintain their discipline and technique when they face the Seattle Seahawks in Week 14. We take a look at the importance of Glenn Dorsey in that role.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

The San Francisco 49ers face a Seattle Seahawks squad this Sunday that features a balanced offensive attack. While teams have found ways to contain either the Seahawks passing game or the ground game, they rarely are able to full contain both units. Considering the Seahawks are 11-1, that is not exactly a shocking revelation.

A key for the 49ers chances of containing the entire Seahawks offense will be nose tackle Glenn Dorsey. The 49ers offseason acquisition has been a huge free agent addition. Dorsey is generally not on the field much more than half the time because of the 49ers use of the nickel, but in his time on the field, he has been a significant impact player.

Dorsey met with the media on Thursday and had a chance to discuss the team's preparations. He was specifically asked about Marshawn Lynch, who we all know can be just a little bit tough to tackle. Dorsey talked about how the defensive front will need to be strong in pursuit, will need to gang-tackle him and generally will need to help each other out.

The 49ers entire defense will need to be on point, but Dorsey's role at the nose will be one particular key. Last week, the Saints loaded the box against Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin, and contained them to 79 yards on 27 carries. The problem was that it resulted in Seahawks wide receivers getting wide open numerous times. Russell Wilson absolutely picked apart the Saints defense.

The 49ers will pick and choose their moments to load the box, but they can't afford to completely sell out throughout the game. Wilson has shown he can burn teams deep. Pro Football Focus ranks Wilson No. 1 in accuracy percentage, which covers completion percentage (including dropped passes) for passes that travel at least 20 yards down the field. Play action could be problematic if the 49ers are not careful.

The 49ers front will have to maintain their discipline and technique when it comes to Lynch. Containing Lynch without over-committing will put the 49ers in a position to put Russell Wilson in a difficult position. And if the 49ers pass rush can harass him when he's making those decisions, all the better.