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Joe Staley is preparing to play on Sunday

49ers left tackle Joe Staley informed 95.7 The Game that he anticipates being able to play Sunday vs. the Seahawks.


The San Francisco 49ers offensive line could be closer to whole on Sunday when they face the Seattle Seahawks. Left tackle Joe Staley was back at practice on Thursday in limited fashion, and he thinks he'll be ready to play on Sunday. Staley made his regular weekly appearance on 95.7 The Game, and had a chance to discuss his knee:

"It feels a lot better. The MCL sprain was not a severe one. But also it was just one of those issues in the game where they kinda put me down, wanted me to get an MRI and thought that I'd done some damage to it. But all the results came back pretty positive. The week's been going well. We'll see how it responds day to day but yesterday was a good day. I was out there on the practice field, did some individuals stuff, and hopefully I'll do more stuff today."

The hosts followed up specifically asking him about playing Sunday. They recognized it would not necessarily be his call, but they asked what he expected for Sunday:

"I am preparing to play on Sunday. I anticipate everything going well so I'm getting my mind and body ready to be there Sunday at the game."

We'll find out for certain when inactives are released 90 minutes before the game, but this is obviously some good news. It is important to get a strong left tackle back in the game, but it's also important to get Alex Boone back in his right guard position. Boone was really solid last week when he moved over to left tackle, but given that he is used to playing