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Houston Texans fire Gary Kubiak; Will Greg Roman surface as HC candidate?

The Texans have fired Gary Kubiak. Right off the bat, people have begun speculating about Greg Roman. What can we expect?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans have fired head coach Gary Kubiak as their season continues to descend into a dumpster fire. The Texans lost to the Jaguars last night, and that was apparently the final straw.

The Texans named Wade Phillips interim coach, but it remains to be seen what his long-term future is in that regard. Even if Phillips finishes the season strong, I suspect we'll see some kind of search process in place. Naturally, this has people inquiring about possible replacements. And of course, Greg Roman's name quickly came up. Someone tweeted that Mike Silver considered Roman a candidate, and Silver retweeted it. I missed where Silver mentioned Roman, but I take the retweet as an endorsement of the tweet. And we have some Texans fans even wanting to see Roman brought on board.

Bob McNair met with the media to announce the firing, and he said he is looking for a coach with NFL coaching experience. Lovie Smith was mentioned, and McNair said he would be one of the names considered. Naturally this has people speculating on Mike Shanahan, and Ken Whisenhunt's name also popped up.

This would seem to remove Greg Roman from the discussion, although I can't imagine McNair would automatically decline to interview somebody with out head coaching experience. What might remove Roman would be the struggles we've seen for the offense to find consistency. I could see a college making a run at him, but given what we've seen this year, would an NFL team hand things over at this point? If the offense finishes strong that's one thing, but if we don't see some improved consistency, it seems a lot less likely.

I don't think Roman ends up in Houston, but with this firing, the silly season for coaching changes is officially under way.