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College Football Championship Week Open Thread

Some big games are happening today. Will there be any upsets? We take a look at the schedule.

Sam Greenwood

The college football season came and went, now it is time for "Championship Week".

Game tid-bits:

National Championship implications are on the line today for three teams today, Auburn, Florida State, and Ohio State. After last weeks exciting victory over Alabama, No. 3 Auburn takes on No. 5 Missouri in the SEC Championship Game. Auburn is still in the national title mix, but they will more than likely need Ohio State or Florida State to lose to get into the National Championship game. Auburn is slightly behind Ohio State when it comes to BCS points, so they still could surpass them for No. 2 if they wind up blowing out Missouri.

No. 2 Ohio State will take on No. 10 Michigan State in a clash of great offense versus great defense. Ohio State is No. 3 in points for (48.2) and Michigan State is No. 3 in points against (11.8).

Florida State's Jameis Winston has been cleared of the sexual assault allegations and will look to lock up the Heisman trophy against the overachieving Duke football team. This year is the first time Duke has won ten games in school history.

Stanford may not be part of the National Championship discussion, but with a win over Arizona State they will be going to their second consecutive Rose Bowl.

This will be it until bowl season starts in a couple weeks, and there should be enough quality football today to fill your appetite until then.

12:00 PM No. 17 Oklahoma at No. 6 Oklahoma State
12:00 PM No. 16 UCF at Southern Methodist
12:00 PM Marshall at Rice
1:00 PM Memphis at Connecticut ESPN 3
3:30 PM No. 25 Texas at No. 9 Baylor FOX
4:00 PM No. 5 Missouri vs. No. 3 Auburn* CBS
7:30 PM South Florida at Rutgers
7:45 PM No. 7 Stanford at No. 11 Arizona State
8:00 PM No. 20 Duke vs. No. 1 Florida State*
8:00 PM Louisiana-Lafayette at South Alabama ESPN 3
8:17 PM No. 2 Ohio State vs. No. 10 Michigan State* FOX
10:00 PM Utah State at No. 23 Fresno State CBS