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Undercover cops prepared for 49ers-Seahawks Week 14 matchup

The 49ers-Seahawks rivalry takes center stage once again, which also means it's time for more undercover cops. Don't be an idiot at the game. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Thearon W. Henderson

The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks meet up on Sunday in a huge matchup for both teams. The 49ers want a win to maintain their wildcard lead, while the Seahawks want a win to wrap up the NFC West and a first round bye. Oh, and it features two fanbases that don't really like each other.

With that in mind, the San Francisco Police Department will once again have undercover cops on hand to keep an eye on the festivities. This has become a regular occurrence at Candlestick Park for big games, although it is worth noting that the same thing took place at Century Link Field earlier this season for 49ers-Seahawks.

Seahawks fans are looking to have a decent presence at the game, with their Northern California booster club holding a fan rally at Fisherman's Wharf Saturday evening. I don't expect anything like when the Cowboys were in town in 2011, but there will be some Seahawks fans out there whooping it up.

There is some sense of rivalry between the teams. Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin have their apparent beef with Jim Harbaugh. A couple Seahawks defensive backs have mentioned getting physical with Coach Harbaugh. I think we see a running theme in that regard. But with the fans, it goes beyond the coaching staffs. And unfortunately it can frequently get overly heated. While we have the trolling FanPost here at NN, there is no such opportunity at Candlestick (or wherever you might be watching the game). If you're going to the game, don't be an idiot with Seahawks fans.