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Week 14 AM game thread

We take a look at some of the Week 14 AM games, and open a thread for discussion.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

We've got a busy AM schedule with nine games going on. The biggest for our purposes is Lions vs. Eagles in Philadelphia. The Eagles are a game back of the 49ers in the wildcard, and every loss immediately behind the 49ers is welcome. The Lions are a solid team, but in Philadelphia, I could see Nick Foles going off for a pretty big game. That being said, I think this could also prove to be the most entertaining, as I don't expect much defense from either team.

The Kansas City Chiefs head east to face Washington. Chefs Watch has taken a bit of a backseat now that the Chiefs have moved past the necessary win threshold. The Chiefs can clinch a playoff spot today with a win and a loss by either the Dolphins or the Ravens. Since the Chiefs are almost a playoff lock at this point, their draft positioning now depends on how they perform in the playoffs. Once they clinch a playoff spot, the best they can pick is 21, although even that is unlikely given that they would be up to ten wins after today.

We'll be back with 49ers inactives 90 minutes before the game, and then the first quarter game thread about 15 minutes before the game.