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49ers-Seahawks final score: Transcripts galore

The 49ers edged out the Seahawks by a final score of 19-17. Naturally there was plenty of post-game player and coach reactions.

Head Coach Jim Harbaugh
Press Conference - December 8, 2013
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Did that feel like a playoff game?

"Yeah. It was a big game. I guess you could say it felt that way, yeah."

How would you describe the way your defense played today?

"Boy, just running and hitting, Lowell. Hitting and running. Competing. That's a very tough offense. Their run game and just their weapons and the way the quarterback moves around, it's tough to contain. To hold them to 17 points is really a great accomplishment. I think it was a great team accomplishment also. I thought everybody played well, special teams, defense and offense. Great team win."

What did you see on RB Frank Gore's run and why was he so successful at getting out there?

"On the one-yard gain or the--?"

The 51-yard run.

"Looks like it was well-blocked. [Offensive coordinator Greg Roman] G-Ro had been saving that call in his back pocket and picked the exact right time to call it. And Frank executed it."

You're always very good about saying every game's important, but was it important in retrospect for you guys to beat Seattle, just do it once this year?

"Yeah, very important. Like every game. Absolutely."

On Gore's run, had the team or the offense talked about what to do in that situation when he went down instead of going out of bounds or is that just Frank realizing where he was in that situation?

"I think that was Frank realizing where he was in that situation and not going out of bounds. But, we were trying to score. We were trying to get the touchdown at that point. We had a great play by [QB Colin] Kaepernick. That was the quarterback sweep. Another really good call, timely call, and Colin did a great job. Didn't talk about anything. Didn't talk about him staying in bounds. Didn't talk about him getting out of bounds. Just told him to get the first down. And he went and did it."

You went for the field goal on that first score right away, you never even second thought about it on fourth and one. Were you just thinking it's a field goal kind of game you just want to get the points there. What was the thinking on that?

"Yeah, I just had the feeling to take the points at that point, yeah, early in the game like that."

Did you offer Colin any words of encouragement after the interception down in the red zone there by the goal line?

"Just similar things I told various players throughout the game. Just keep fighting. It's going to be a long game. Just keep fighting. Offensively, defensively, special teams. Kind of kept reiterating that to several guys. But, they were, they didn't need to hear that. This was one of those games there was very little talk, very little motivational-type of talk. They didn't need to hear anything about how to play. It's just one of those games like the great [DT] Justin Smith has a great quote. So, it's one of those kinds of games."

What's the great quote by Justin Smith?

"I don't know if I want to say it. One of the fellas will tell you."

Yards tough to come by today, especially on the ground, but you stuck with the running game. Is it because you know Frank is going to pop one eventually? Is it hard to stick with the rushing game on a day like today?

"He popped a few. We knew we had to play good football. You have to play good football against this team. You've got to be able to protect. You've got to be able to throw it downfield. You've got to be able to hit check downs, hit the backs out of the backfield. You've got to be able to run the ball. I thought we stayed true to what we wanted to do as the game plan and that was just positive plays, eliminate the negative plays, and we had a few, but for the most part I thought it was a very good job."

Do you anticipate seeing the Seahawks again in the playoffs?

"We anticipate the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They're playing really good football. And, each game is the most important game of the year for us right now. And, we'll take it one game at a time. Just like we did in this game. We took it one play at a time and you hope that collectively that that gets it done."

Against a defense like that, do you have to be a little bit more proactive on offense and less conservative?

"I thought we were. Yeah, I thought we were aggressive. If that's what you mean, proactive."

Is the quarterback sweep another one that Roman had in his back pocket kind of waiting for the right moment?

"Yeah. We had not talked about that play until that situation came up there. It was a red zone call, but yeah we hadn't gotten to it until that point."

The defense uncharacteristically gave up some big plays in that second quarter. How big was that touchdown for TE Vernon Davis in the end of the first half?

"Big. All points on the board today were big. You saw it. It was a tight game and all was critical, all was important. They made a lot of plays. We made plays. It was one of those tight ballgames."

You said that there wasn't a lot of motivational words necessarily, but there was a lot of talking between the players and all that.

"Was there?"

Yeah. Do you worry that it was going to get, were you worried it was going to get too far over the edge, that your players were going to go too far over the edge? There were some penalties too.

"Too far over the edge? I mean, I don't know. I don't like getting penalties. And, we're not allowed to talk about them, so I don't know what there is to say about it."

What was the nature of CB Eric Wright's injury and what did staff tell you that allowed him to get back into the game?

"The nature of the injury? He was never ruled out. He was talking well right when we first got out there. So, I really step back in those situations and just lend support, pat him on the leg, that's about it. The doctors take care of all that stuff."

You've been a part of some great rivalries in your coaching and playing career. How much do you enjoy this one with the Seahawks that you've developed or are developing right now, being a part of this thing?

"Enjoy it? That's not the word I would use. It feels like you go to the dentist chair and three and a half hours of getting root canal work done. They're tough. These games are only for the tough. Both teams played extremely hard, played extremely well. So, we'll move on and get ready for the Tampa Bay Bucs."

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick and WR Anquan Boldin
Press Conference - December 8, 2013
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Colin, can you talk about the play that [RB] Frank [Gore] sprung for 51-yards, and how you saw it from your vantage point?

[Kaepernick] "I just saw him break through. It was probably the play of the game, for him breaking and staying in bounds."

Did you guys talk in the huddle about staying in bounds, in a situation like that, or was that just something that Frank knew as a veteran?

[Kaepernick] "That was Frank being Frank, being a football player."

On your quarterback sweep, was that similar to the play that [Chiefs QB] Alex [Smith] ran against the Saints?

[Kaepernick] "Yes, similar."

And how did you see that unfold?

[Kaepernick] "Joe [Staley] kicked his guy out, [G Adam] Snyder was pulling up through, I was following him."

Colin, how you do like the rivalry between the Seahawks that is developing? How is that working out, are you enjoying it?

[Kaepernick] "It's always good to play close games, play tough opponents."

Phil Dawson was obviously 4 of 4 today, made a huge difference in this game. How does that help you as a quarterback, knowing that you have that consistency from your field goal from both short and long as well?

[Kaepernick] "It's great to have that. He is a great kicker. He's done a great job for us."

Anquan, you were very successful today. In your first game up in Seattle, you weren't as successful. What changed for you, why were you able to be better today?

[Boldin] "First game, they roamed a lot of coverage. Today, you know, having [WR Michael Crabtree] Crab back we had different looks, it was allowing me to go one-on-one with certain guys. That's why you see a difference."

Is it a little bit different type of game against these guys because there is more conversation on the field and a higher level of intensity?

[Boldin] "For us we're playing for our lives. We're trying to get into playoffs so, you'll see that from us. Compared even from a couple weeks ago, we're playing playoff football. It's either win or go home. That's how we feel. Every week that we come out, we're going to come out and perform at a high level."

What happened on Frank Gore's big run there, and what did that mean?

[Kaepernick] "Our offensive line did a great job. He popped, cut back and made a great play."

Kap, some of the players said that run had been called earlier in the game and you got him out of it because it wasn't the right look, is that true?

[Kaepernick] "Yes."

Anquan, your coach insisted all week, and again today that this game isn't bigger than any other game since you need them all, as you alluded to. But this team, and some of the games that you played against them and how they've been doing this year, was it a big game, was it a bigger game than others?

[Boldin] "Like he said, all games are big at this point. We're trying to get into the playoffs and you can't put one game above another. Every week is going to be that way for us and we feel like we have to win each week."

Anquan can you talk about the physicality and emotion of this game? Seems like you were really mixing things up with the secondary all day long.

[Boldin] "I mean, it is what it is. That's the way that I play. If guys want to pretend to be tough, then I look forward to it. Talking, that's just what they do, you know what I'm saying? So, I let my play speak for itself."

Anquan, you crossed 11,000 yards for your career today. How much does that milestone mean to you?

[Boldin] "Nothing. For me it's all about winning, point blank."

Colin, you guys had a little trouble in the red zone at times, and today you got the one. How big was that touchdown right before the half time?

[Kaepernick] "It was big. If we get 3 instead of 7 then we lose the game."

Colin, were you discouraged when you had the pass intercepted down near the line, when you were trying to hit Crabtree?

[Kaepernick] "No."

What happened on the pass?

[Kaepernick] "We were giving Crab another shot. He was one-on-one, we thought we could take advantage."

Colin, your jersey exchange with [Seattle WR] Ricardo [Lockette] after the game, was that something you talked about earlier or was that spontaneous after the game?

[Kaepernick] "It just happened after the game."

Why did you decide to do that?

[Kaepernick] "He's one of my good friends."

Anquan, you've been through this before. You've been on a team that's gotten on a roll in December. Do you see, how important are these wins and do you see any similarities with a team that can get on a roll here, even if it means in a wildcard?

[Boldin] "Definitely, we're getting hot at the right time and that's what you want. You want to be playing your best football in December and January. For us, we feel like we're hitting our stride. We're still chasing that complete game. We don't feel like we've put it all together just yet. I do feel like we are getting better each week and we'll continue to strive to get better. Hopefully you guys will see us play that complete game coming soon."

LB NaVorro Bowman
Postgame Quotes - December 8, 2013
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

The way your kicker has been kicking all year, especially lately, did you have complete confidence when you were watching that kick go up?

"[K] Phil [Dawson] works on the days he doesn't have to. That's what makes players great. He was perfect today. We needed him. The game came down to him and he stepped up."

[DT] Justin Smith had a classic quote, but he won't tell us what it was. Did he say anything that stands out in your mind?

"If coach [Jim Harbaugh] didn't tell you, I'm not going to tell you."

Was this in any way a statement game for you?

"I think so. You guys kind of counted us out already. I felt like Seattle had our number. I think it was a statement game to the world. As you guys know, this is still our division. Until a team takes that from us, we will continue to rep this division the right way."

Is [QB] Russell Wilson unique in the way he plays?

"He's a pocket passer, but a scrambler at the same time. I think he requires attention. With him being at the helm of that team, you see everything runs through him. When a play doesn't work and he scrambles, he makes a lot of plays. The focus was on Russell Wilson - to keep him in the cage and to stay in coverage. I think we did that today."

Do you think your big hit on him in the first quarter set the tone for the defense?

"If he wasn't ready, I think he got ready after that. We needed to come out and play from start to finish. I think we did that as a team today."

You guys gave up some big plays in the first half. And then you shut them down in the second half with the exception of a field goal. What was the difference?

"No difference. We continued to stay on edge the whole game. We played a very intelligent game. We controlled our emotions throughout the whole game. All that we cared about today was to win."

When [QB Russell] Wilson's last pass was in the air, what were you thinking about?

"My eyes got big. We had two guys down there, so I was happy after that. But whenever he throws the ball, you get a little nervous. Guys did a great job."

Are you enjoying this rivalry with the Seahawks?

"I love it. Some games you win, or you get up early, teams fold. But this game requires a full 60-minute game. It requires you to be smart. Just do your job. If we do that, we'll be okay."

WR Michael Crabtree
Post-Game Quotes - December 8, 2013
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

How important was it to get this win, especially after what happened when you guys were out there in Seattle?

"It was a struggle today. We were out there fighting. We came out with the W. That's a break for the team. It took everybody, offense, defense, special teams. Everybody did what it takes to win and we won."

Is this a game you guys had to have if you had any designs on going up there in winning in the playoffs?

"Oh, it's big for us. Like I said, it was going to be a fight. It was a big game. Like I said, all I wanted to do was come out with the W. Whatever I had to do, block, run, catch, make it happen. It was good at home. "

How much confidence do you have against them now if you have to play them in the playoffs?

"Like I said, it a competitive game. I've got confidence in us. I've got confidence in my team. We put it up today and we're going to take it one day at a time. We took today. We had the W."

There was a lot of hype coming into this game, especially with what they did to New Orleans on Monday night. How important was it to set the tone and smother their offense in the first quarter, in which they had no score?

"It was a struggle out there. We were fighting. There were a lot of penalties. A lot of roughing, after-the-whistle-type stuff. We hung in there and we came out with the W."

TE Vernon Davis
Post-Game Quotes - December 8, 2013
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

How important was that win today and to prevent Seattle from clinching in your home court?

"Oh, it's very important. Anytime you play a team that's in your conference, it's imperative that you win, especially if you want to look good later on. It was a great thing that we went out there and were able to come out with a victory, especially those guys."

Was it important also to set the momentum in the first quarter when they didn't score at all?

"Yes, it was very important to do that. I say that because anytime you're playing this game, especially on this level, you have to start out strong. If not, you really cost yourself, you really put pressure on yourself."

You scored the first touchdown of the game. What was going on during that play and how did you get open?

"It was a shallow route. A low crossing route. I was the number one read in the progression and I was able to get open. [QB Colin Kaepernick] Kap, he found me and he laid it right there, put it low, right where it was supposed to be. I put my hands on it and fell into the end zone."

RB Anthony Dixon just came out and said you guys shocked the world. I don't know if it was that big of an upset, but what sort of message did you send?

"Just that we're not quitting. We're going to keep on fighting no matter what. This was an emotional game. It was tough. It was a stressful game as well, but we were able to keep our heads held high and just continue to fight."

K Phil Dawson
Postgame Quotes - December 8, 2013
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

For some of us, those were cold and windy conditions out there. But for someone like yourself, it was no big deal.

"I don't know if you can ever get used to them. It was the tale of two halves. The first half, it was cold and the wind wasn't really blowing all that much. And then when we went out to warm up for the second half, it started blowing and the temperature started dropping. It was definitely the type of conditions where you had to pay attention to every little thing."

The game winner was obviously the big one, but you're on just quite a roll now. How comfortable are you feeling with this special teams group and especially your snapper?

"My teammates have been great since the first day I got here. They've embraced me and welcomed me. I've just been trying each and every day to continue to get better and settle in a little more. We're executing pretty well as an entire unit."

Is your streak something you're aware of?

"I try not to think about it. I try to treat every kick the same. You have to have a bad memory. Unfortunately, I have a really good memory so I can remember my last miss. You just try to go out there each and every time and focus on the task at hand. Let's be honest, you get on these rolls and everything goes in to where you're kicking really well. You have to enjoy it when the ball's going where it's supposed to for as long as possible."

You do what you're asked to do. But with a good and physical opponent like that, do you come into the game thinking it's going to be a field goal game and getting a little more psyched than usual?

"The thing about the NFL, with the exception of a few games here and there, most games come down to the end. From a mindset standpoint, I come into every game expecting every point to be crucial. It just so happens every now and then it comes down to a field goal. Today, I have to credit our offense. It was tough sledding moving the ball. Not only did they get in range at the end, but they got well in there and it was a pretty manageable kick. They deserve a lot of credit for that. If that same exact kick is 25 yards further, it would've been pretty difficult."

What's your team like on a play like that when there's 30 seconds left and you know you're going to get a shot? What do you go through on the sidelines before you go out?

"Generally, what I try to do when we get into scoring range is when I'm kicking into the net, I pay attention to where the ball's being snapped. So if it's on the right hash, I'll pretend I'm on the right hash. Especially in that situation where we had a time out and knew the ball was in the middle, I got one last kick down the middle and get that muscle memory. So when you go out there, the pressure is there and you're nervous, muscle memory takes over and hopefully you make the kick."

When [RB Frank] Gore's run finished, did you think that the conditions would be such that it would still be a difficult kick? Did they need the [QB Colin] Kaepernick sweep to make sure it was as easy as possible?

"That first down Kap got was huge. My primary concern at that point was [DE] Red Bryant blocks a lot of kicks. We knew coming into this game that they were going to get good push up the middle. I needed to get the ball up quickly. On a windy day, sometimes getting the ball up quickly makes it move more left-to-right or right-to-left. So getting the ball in there where it didn't have much time to move around, given the wind conditions, was huge."

DL Glenn Dorsey
Post-Game Quotes - December 8, 2013
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

What was different about this game? Obviously it was here in San Francisco, but from a general stance outside of the location, how were you guys able to get this win today?

"Well, we were just able to break down Tennessee's game film, focus on things that they do well and just make adjustments. We know if we come out and play our style of defense, outside of offense and special teams, that we're going to win a lot of football games. It comes down to making plays and that's what happened."

You knew coming into this game that you hadn't really beaten a team that was going to go to the playoffs and you did today. What sort of message did you send throughout the league?

"Well, I just know that we beat a good team and a lot of losses were close games. I feel like we're prepared for everything. We've had our heart broke a few times this year. We've been in a lot of close ballgames. So, I think it just made the team tougher."

Did you feel this was a playoff-type mentality of a game today?

"From here on out, all of them are. All of them. That's a good team over there. That's a very good team over there and we were up for the challenge today and we came out with a win."

C Jonathan Goodwin
Postgame Quotes - December 8, 2013
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Tell us about the big run by RB Frank Gore.

"It was a play that we saw at one point that we thought could be a good play for us. Fortunately for whatever reason it got held until the end of the game and it popped big for us. [RB] Frank [Gore] made a nice cut."

What was the play?

"It was just an off-tackle play. Frank made a nice cut to reverse field."

With that cut he made, was it designed that way with the blocking? You guys did the blocking but was the cut supposed to happen that way?

"It was a play designed to go left and then he cut back up against the field."

Is it a play to get the defense to over pursue?

"It's considered an outside play. I saw a hole so I think [G] Adam [Snyder] did a good job of kicking his guy out and then Frank did the rest."

Could you tell right away from your perspective that he got loose?

"Yes. I had a reach block and when I reached my guy I kind of ran Frank into somebody. Then I looked up and saw the hole and saw Frank running."

Was it standard blocking or trap blocking?

"It was kind of standard for linemen. The tackle blocks the guy on him and the guard pulls and kicks out. After Frank gets through the hole it's just what he sees; he's on his own then."

RB Frank Gore
Press Conference - December 8, 2013
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

How you feel?

"Feels great, big win. It was a tough game, tough game. Seattle, have to give it up to them, they're a great team. I feel like they were better than the first game we played them."

Tell us what you saw on that 51-yard run there.

"My O-line did a great job, O-Line, receivers. When I saw the whole I kind of knew that 29 [S Earl Thomas] was going, he's so fast to the ball, I kind of knew that he was going to overrun it. So, I kind of set him outside and then broke him back in because he's so aggressive. But I have to say thanks to my O-Line, who did a great job all game, receivers. And as an offense we played together. It took all the playmakers to do something in this game, and that's what it's going to take for us to get to that next level."

How do you feel? I saw you limping a little bit.

"I'll be fine. I've been battling a little ankle injury since the bye. Our coaches do a great job of taking care of me during the week, trainers do a great job with me, [head strength and conditioning] coach [Mark Uyeyama] Uye do a great job. So, I'll be fine."

You may not consider that a season-saving run, but is it pretty close to giving you guys a win that you really needed?

"It was a big win. Like I said, Seattle's a great team, we'rere a good team and we knew that was going to be a tough game. We both know each other, and I'm happy that we got the job done"

You stayed in bounds on purpose right? You knew the game situation, is that what happened?


QB Colin Kaepernick and some of the other guys said that that run had been called earlier in the game and Colin got you out of it because it was the wrong thing. Were you waiting just to--?

"No, whatever coach calls and whatever our quarterback sees on the field. He's going to get us in the right play and I guess the look wasn't there. At the end of the game it was there and we got the job done."


"We're a good team. We play well on the road. How we go by during the season, we go by quarters. It's the fourth quarter now and you want to be that team who gets to that next level and that's in that tournament to try to get that trophy. This is a big win. We're taking small steps and we still have a lot to learn. We still have a lot to learn, but that's a good thing. Beating a good team like Seattle, and still not playing our best ball, that's great."

On the big run, how big was the hole you had to run through?

"It was real big, real big. We knew as a team, as an offense, that we had to attack, attack all four quarters. Like our coaches say, we've been seeing an eight, nine man box this whole season, but like I tell my linemen, ‘We are used to that before [offensive coordinator] coach G-RO [Greg Roman] got here.' G-RO kind of spoiled us the last couple of years, but I had to tell them, ‘We just have to go out there, stop feeling sorry for ourselves and go take it. We have to stay getting positive yards and we did all game. Now, the first and second down whenever there was a run we tried to get three or four yards, and that's why I think we got the win today."

Do you feel like you'll see that team again this year?

"If we keep doing our thing and they keep doing their thing, there's no question. They're a great team, we're a great team. Like I said, it's the fourth quarter and we are trying to go the right direction and that's going north. "

WR Michael Crabtree made a couple of great catches today, he seems to be almost back now--?

"That's a great thing. Every week he's going to get better. In practice, I knew he was going to play better this Sunday. It's just big to see that, to get the win, that everybody on offense had to do something. I think that if we keep moving forward and doing that as an offense, after seeing how our defense played and special teams, we have a chance to get the trophy."

So, comfort zone really a little higher for the offense now?

"Yeah, like you said, you see Crabtree doing big things on offense getting back to himself, [TE] Vernon [Davis] making big plays, [WR] Anquan [Boldin] just being the beast he always be, and me and the O-Line just doing what we do, [QB Colin Kaepernick] Kap throwing, running. That's big."

DT Justin Smith
Postgame Quotes - December 8, 2013
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

What happened defensively in the second half that really seemed to shut the Seahawks down?

"We've just been playing pretty solid defense across the board. It's about playing assignment football and that's good for us. When we all play together on the same page we're a pretty tough group."

You guys did a pretty good job against Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch. Was there something special you did to try to limit him?

"No. There's nothing magical about stopping the run. He's a heck of a running back so it was a good matchup all day."

Is it a challenge when they run out of three-receiver sets?

"They had a little game plan there to get our outside linebackers removed out of the box and try to run on us that way. But there were some adjustments for that so it was good."

How important is this win for you guys?

"Really important. We haven't beaten them a couple of the last few times and they're ahead of the NFC West, so anytime you can beat them it's god for your team."

How much confidence do you have in your offense? With six minutes left they set up that drive and then RB Frank Gore ripped off that long run.

"[RB] Frank [Gore] is a heck of a running back and the offense has been stepping up and making plays. That's the only way you can run in this league. They're a little bit more at full strength now so it's been going well."

T Joe Staley
Postgame Quotes - December 8, 2013
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

How critical was it to get a big gain like that run from RB Frank Gore in the fourth quarter with the game on the line?

"That's just kind of the way the running game goes. You see runs that go for two or three yards in the beginning of the game and then you start turning out more. That run was one that we've had in for a while and we finally got the look that we really wanted to have. It was a great cutback by [RB] Frank [Gore] of seeing the secondary and the linebackers overplay it. It was a big play in a crucial moment for us."

Head Coach Jim Harbaugh said that this game wasn't really a fun thing but that it was more like a dentist's visit. Was it painful out there or was it fun?

"It's fun to win. It's fun when you have a physical battle and it definitely was a physical game today. They're a great defense and offensively we knew we had a big challenge in front of us. We kind of expected this kind of game today and we're happy to come out with the win."

You guys haven't been great in end-of-half or end-of-game scenarios. You scored in both of those today. Had that been a point of emphasis in practice leading up to this game?

"Not directly. Any possession we have we're always looking to get points. More so than that, I think the reason why we haven't been able to score points late in games has been third down conversions. That's been a big point of emphasis for us over the last few weeks. I thought we did a good job of sustaining drives and we got field goals early. We were having long drives and long possessions so that was one of the keys as well, just staying on the field."

Obviously it's important for the standings, but how important was it to beat a playoff-type team and perhaps a team that you could face again down the road?

"It was a big game against a really good opponent. They have a very solid team and with the way they've beaten us the last two times up in their place, this kind of felt like this was a must-win game for us. We're happy obviously to come out with the win but we're not going to dwell on it too much. We've still got three regular season games left with a lot of working left to do in the regular season. So we're going to take it one game at a time from here and move on."

Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio told us earlier in the week that you guys are pretty much approaching every game like it's a must-win game down the stretch. Is that how you see it?

"For sure. We're in the playoff race right now so every game counts. We can't drop anything and hope for someone else to do something for us. It's all about taking control of what we can control and controlling our destiny. I think we're in a position now where if we win all these games out we'll be in a good position for the playoffs."

S Donte Whitner
Post-Game Quotes - December 8, 2013
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

What did you think of the effort you guys put out there today?

"I think we showed championship effort. I think everybody around the country knows who the 49ers are now. But that was a championship football game in a playoff atmosphere and we just made a few more plays than they made."

What makes Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson so difficult to defend? You guys did a nice job against him.

"Well, he's very mobile. Even when you do everything right, he can make a play out of nothing. So, when he starts to scramble, his guys understand what playground football is. The guys that go deep come back for the ball. The guys that are short go deep. We did a good job containing him today and we did a good job of taking away that playground football away from them and that's why we came away with the win."

Can you describe the level of intensity, because this felt like a playoff game and it certainly looked like one?

"Well, it was a playoff game for us. We understood that every game from here on out is going to be a playoff game. Last week was a playoff game. The week before that was a playoff game. So, we're treating every game from this point forward as a playoff game and that's why we played the way we did."

I think TE Vernon Davis said this week that this was a statement game for the 49ers. What was the statement that you felt you made out there today?

"The statement is they might have a better record than us, we squandered away a couple football games early in the season, but when playoff time comes, you have to look out for the 49ers."

CB Eric Wright
Postgame Quotes - December 8, 2013
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Did you guys look at this as a must-win game?

"I think every game is a must-win game. That's the way you have to approach it because you're always just onto the next game. We put a lot of hard work and effort into it and preparation. I think we were actually able to go out there and execute the game plan the way we wanted to."

Can you take us through the last play, the interception play?

"I was just trying to keep everything in front of me. They needed a lot of yards and only had a little bit of time to get them so we weren't trying to give them anything cheap. [Seahawks QB] Russell [Wilson] did a good job of extending the play as he always does and gave his receiver a shot to make a play down the field. We were in a unique style of defense that sort of protected the sideline a little bit more than other areas of the field. I was able to collapse from outside in, from deep to short, on a ball that was thrown to come up and make the play."

You missed so much time this year. Is this what you envisioned, coming back during the stretch run when it counts?

"Really it was just about being available and having the opportunity to play whenever it came about; to maximize that opportunity whenever it happened. That's kind of what I envisioned; to be ready and prepared for absolutely anything, but really to be a factor and help in any way I can once I was called upon."