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Super Bowl 2013: 49ers-Ravens discussion with Xfinity Sports Guy

We talk 49ers-Ravens with the Xfinity Sports Guy.

Earlier this week I took a few minutes to talk 49ers-Ravens with Austin Schindel the "Xfinity Sports Guy". Naturally we discussed plenty of Colin Kaepernick and the read option plays the 49ers roll out, but we also got into some other interesting areas.

For example, we talked about legacies and what this game could mean for members of the 49ers. I think a guy like Frank Gore gets a nice little boost if the 49ers can pull out the victory on Sunday. We all know he is a great running back, but unfortunately it sometimes takes a ring to get a player even further into the discussion. Gore is a great running back who sometimes can get lost in the shuffle with the great running backs in the league. Such is the life of a work-horse back.

We also managed a little Harbaugh brothers discussion. The brother topic has been raised all week long, but I actually don't think it ended up as overplayed as I initially thought it might. It was hit heavy early on, but it seems to have quieted down a bit now that the week is drawing to a close. Or maybe I have just successfully avoided the crush of articles on the topic. Who knows.