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Super Bowl picks and predictions 2013: Why the 49ers will win

We break down some of the reasons the 49ers will win Super Bowl 47 on Sunday.

The storylines are quickly running out of steam, which means it is time to lock in our last picks and predictions before Super Bowl 47 kicks off on Sunday. I put together some video describing some of my thoughts on why the 49ers should beat the Ravens this Sunday.

I view this as more a matter of logic than any sort of overconfidence. If we look at the 49ers and Ravens, the 49ers are the better team on paper. Obviously, the NFL has proven how quickly things can go crazy on any given Sunday. The Ravens are a team playing some inspired football right now, and that is something that can be difficult to account for in predictions.

I took some of the emotion out of the equation and focused more on why the 49ers are in a better position to win. I think the two week break between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl provide Jim Harbaugh, his staff and his players a great opportunity to fully prepare for the Ravens. A year ago, the 49ers had to roll into Baltimore with only a few days to prepare, and it showed in aspects of the game.

I actually am a big fan of two weeks between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl. While it does create too much time for a lot of pointless media, it also provides both teams with a lot of time to rest up and game-plan for their Super Bowl opponent. The Super Bowl if often anti-climactic, but I like the idea of having the two teams getting a little extra time to get ready. I think it provides an opportunity for better football, even if we don't always end up with said better football.

All that being said, I think the 49ers will be in a position to take care of business on Sunday. It will of course require a strong game plan, and the kind of execution that has gotten them to this point, but the opportunity is there to bring home Lombardi No. 6.

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