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Super Bowl 2013: Harbaugh press conference features Jim ready for business

We take a look at some of the comments from Friday's Harbaugh brothers press conference. All indications are that Jim Harbaugh is officially over the media week and ready for Sunday.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL conducted a co-press conference today with brothers Jim and John Harbaugh meeting with a packed house of media. Although the Super Bowl coaches do plenty of media every year, this year features a slightly more intriguing head coach pairing. In case you forgot, Jim and John are brothers!

Although neither coach gave away any information, I was fascinated by the 180 shift of Jim Harbaugh. Over the first four days of the week, Jim has actually been quite the media darling. He was prickly at times during the regular season, but during Super Bowl week, he's been firing off stories, dropping quips and quotes, and generally enjoying himself.

Today, that was not the case at all. Jim was all business on Friday, going back to the well with his deflection of praise about the coaching staff to the players on the field. Jim was asked about the risk of going to Kaepernick midway through the season, and which of the brothers was the bigger risk-taker when they were younger. Jim quickly just went to discussing the season and some of the notable performances across the board. And of course he dropped in several "We're happy to be here" comments.

It was telling that he let John take the lead on most every question. John did not give up anything of note, but he really was the dominant personality on Friday. I suppose part of that has to do with him being the older brother, but I think Jim was content to let him do his thing.

There is no doubt, Jim Harbaugh had his game face on, and is ready to just get to Sunday. It is not surprising, but it was fascinating nonetheless to see this change. Game on.