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Super Bowl tickets 2013: Prices continue downward trend

We are officially heading into Super Bowl weekend, and Super Bowl ticket prices are trending downward quite a bit. According to our friends at TiqIQ, the average price for entry now sits at $2,516.19. That number is down 15% since Monday and 21.25% since January 21. At that price point you can get into lower level corner, or a little further over on the 300 level.

The cheapest ticket available on TiqIQ right now is $1,132. That is down 30% since Monday and can get you in the corner sections of the upper deck. They are not fantastic seats, but they get you a foot in the door.

If you are looking to splurge, TiqIQ's highest priced ticket comes in at a cool $11,494, and will get you seated in row 1 of section 223. That is right on the 50-yard line. TiqIQ aggregates prices from various sites, and as I was poking around the pricing, I noticed that somebody else was selling a similar ticket on another site for $10,887.

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