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NFL does not fine Cary Williams for shoving referee

The NFL elected to not fine cornerback Cary Williams for shoving a referee in the Super Bowl. We take a look at how much BS that is.


Well, this is complete BS. NFL spokesperson Corry Rush informed the media on Saturday that Ravens cornerback Cary Williams would not be fined for shoving an official during the Super Bowl. If you missed the play, here is a quick look at Williams giving the ref a little love tap.


Cam Newton was fined $21,000 earlier in the season for giving a referee a little pop after a play. I have to say, I'm surprised Williams didn't face a fan for a two-handed shoved that goes further than most physical contact with referees.

Justin Smith was ejected but not fined for this little shove of a referee. I think Williams' two-handed shove of the ref goes far beyond Smith's shove.

I wish I knew why the NFL was just poo-poo'ing this whole thing. Ravens fans will call it being poor sports, but if this was a 49ers player, they would be pissing and moaning about the call. How can the NFL justify this?