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Golden Nuggets: Quest for a No. 2 wideout and more roster insights

Sunday, March 10, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Ezra Shaw

Return to the Land of Slow News Days. That should have been the title of this morning's Nuggets. It's what's in store for most Sundays from here on out. Some of the writers are on vacation. I just got back from the beach, vacationing at a national park here in Oz. Beautiful. Wombats come into the campsite at night looking for food and we saw kangaroos and emus as well.

As for the 49ers...they're moving on, too. As all of you should be. There's a lot to be excited about going forward. It would appear we have one of the most dynamic offenses in the league. Combined with what can be and has been the best defense in the league, the best punter in the league, and the best rookie kicker in the league in 2013 (am I getting ahead of myself?) and you can see why we should be smiling.

One theme for the day is No. 2 receiver. Who will it be next year. Mario Manningham is recovering from injury, and would appear to be behind schedule. BASG implies that the 49ers may even cut him if the recovery is slow. A.J. Jenkins has rededicated himself, but what does that mean. What if he doubles his production from last season. That's still zero catches.

How about some links?

Living in the Past

Anyone reliving the postseason run and fail must be convinced that our secondary let us down. There's really no way around it. Considering how good they were for most of the season, we should hope that a few minor tweaks get it all back into shape. | 49ers' secondary was primary reason for playoff collapse (BASG)

Terrell Suggs, whose name rhymes with barrel hugs, thinks that Colin Kaepernick is the real deal. We already knew that, but it's good for our young quarterback to have the respect of one of the top defensive performers over recent seasons. | Terrell Suggs: I thought Kaepernick was all hype, but I was wrong (Pro Football Talk)

Here's a good post with some history for you younger 49ers faithful. The 1987 season ended in great disappointment. Read on... | Out of the pain, a saving grace (49erswebzone)

Ravens' Cary Williams not fined for pushing official (CSN)

Harbaugh's gamble comes up just short (SF Gate)

Moving Ahead

BASG takes a look at possible salary cap cuts with the usual suspects cropping up. They also have some overview on the position as a whole. So, while Donte Whitner is a possible candidate for the axe, given his atrocious cover skills, letting Dashon Goldson walk if he decides he wants to be the highest paid safety in NFL history may be more likely. | 49ers' cap casualties - could Jonathan Goodwin, Carlos Rogers, and Donte Whitner be gone? (BASG)

Here are some ideas about the 49ers' No.2 wideout situation. Manningham and Colin Kaepernick were developing some chemistry before his injury. | Niners in need of a No.2 wideout (Pro Football Talk)

Evolving scoring machine (SF Gate)


49ers total access: Show #24 (

Being a Sheep

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