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Saturday Night Live cold open spoofs Super Bowl blackout

The Superdome blackout was one of the biggest stories to come out of Super Bowl XLVII. It is no surprise then that Saturday Night Live spoofed it.

Given the "Saturday" in Saturday Night Live, last night was the first opportunity for the show finally to spoof the Super Bowl blackout. The show used their cold opening to take an extended look at the debacle that was the studio set during the halftime show.

Kenan Thompson was James Brown, Jason Sudeikis played Dan Marino and Jay Pharoah was Shannon Sharpe. I think my favorite part comes toward the end when things are really melting down and "JB" asks "Marino" about his love child. Add in "Sharpe" deciding to declare Ray Lewis a murderer and the guy playing Steve Tasker just disappearing, and it was an all around solid take on the that stretch of the game.

What might be most amazing about the blackout is the fact that it still drew monster ratings. While a Super Bowl seems to draw big ratings no matter what, the game was turning into a blowout at this point, so I suppose it is a little bit surprising more people didn't tune away during the dead time. Of course, with nothing much but repeats of Puppy Bowl elsewhere, it's not like people had much else to do. And I suppose there is always the "What will happen next" philosophy of viewing.