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Terrell Suggs on Colin Kaepernick: 'That kid’s the truth'

We take a look at some comments Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs had regarding 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick.


Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs took a few minutes to chat with Jim Rome earlier this week, and he had some interesting comments about 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. You can view the specifics of that, or listen to the entire Suggs interview with Jim Rome.

Suggs discussed how heading into the game, he thought Kaepernick was hyped up based on a small body of work:

"Going into the game, I thought it was all hype," Suggs said. "He's only had nine starts and then I'm going down the line at the teams he's playing and I'm like ‘OK, alright, he's got some good stats, but we will see.'"

Kaepernick started off slow, but as we know, he finished strong, almost guiding the 49ers to the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.

"When you go in there and you're playing a guy like that, I hate quarterbacks, but that kid is the truth and I have the upmost respect for him," said Suggs, the 2011 defensive player of the year.

While Suggs does have a big mouth, I have to admit that I find myself generally entertained by him. I stopped by his booth on Media Day, and he was definitely one of the stars that Tuesday. He's a loud speaker, and he generally enjoys saying whatever is on his mind. It can be over the top, but the entertainment factor is there, even if he is on the opposing team.

I imagine there will still be some doubters out there, but the more people see Kaepernick, the more they recognize what he can do. The next year will be pretty huge. Kaepernick gets the full offseason as starting QB, which means plenty of time for Greg Roman and Geep Chryst to focus in on him, assuming no significant changes on the offensive coaching staff. Defenses will be gearing up all offseason for Kap, which should make for some interesting mind games between Kap/Roman/Chryst and the rest of the league.