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2013 NFL Draft: Must-follows on Twitter

Running down a list of must-follows on Twitter for all things NFL draft-related.

Al Bello

As you'll hear me say over and over again like a broken record: Twitter is the best place for NFL news and information. That applies to all things NFL-related, including the 2013 Draft. Not only will you get the latest news on which prospects get DUI's or in bar-fights, who failed a drug-test, got injured while training for the Combine, etc...but you'll also get tons of info on the players' abilities on the field, too.

Sure, it's not like everyone who "breaks down" players on Twitter or a blog is an actual NFL scout (though some are former scouts at various levels)...but most of these guys are watching more video, attending more pre-Draft events, and talking to more people in the community than we are. The info they provide us with is valuable in forming our own opinions on prospects, which everyone should do for themselves.

You'll also find a whole host of video cut-ups on prospects, showing every play they were involved in...good and bad. There's no substitute for coaches' film of the player's entire career, but it's not like the common man has access to that anyway. Besides, for us, the fans, the Draft is all fun and games. We don't make the decisions nor influence those who do, but it's fun to try and predict what might happen come April.

So let's get to some of the must-follows on Twitter leading up to the draft. If you have more to recommend, please do so in the comments and feel free to debate or discuss, as well. These are just some of the people I follow, and unfortunately I know I'll miss somebody.

@DraftBreakdown - AKA - provides a TON of prospect videos as well as some of their own scouting on prospects. These guys are the biggest reason we know anything about players we didn't get to watch all season. You could spend countless hours perusing their cut-ups, and the list grows all the time. They do all of this free-of-charge, too, although they do accept donations (and I've donated to them before).

@MockingTheDraft - Our own SBN Draft site, they also provide prospect videos, scouting, news, mock-drafts, etc. MTD is a very well-respected site that's often mentioned by the bigger names on Twitter. Follow them and bookmark the blog, for sure.

@RyanLownes - I've been following Ryan for probably 3 years now. He's one of the key contributors to as well as having recently joined Bleacher Report (I forgive him). He tweets his thoughts about prospects and is always good to respond to tweets/get in discussions. Just a really good dude.

@ECStoner - I started following Eric last year after seeing him retweeted a number of times by people I respected in the Draft community. He drops knowledge year-round about all things football, including the Draft. He's a Jaguars fan, so go easy on him, but he also contributes at, B/R, Rotoworld, and our own Jags blog: Big Cat Country.

@SigmundBloom - Another all-around good NFL follow who focuses on the Draft this time of year, Sigmund is co-owner of as well as a contributor on B/R. He's held in high regard in the community and always has time for debates, Q&A, etc.

@JoeGoodberry - I've followed Joe for a few years now. He's a huge Bengals fan, so you should feel at least a little sorry for him. He's been part of numerous mock drafts with me and is a smart guy who watches a lot of cut-ups. Joe also contributes to our very own Cincy Jungle blog.

@dpbrugler - Dane Brugler is NFL Draft Analyst for and He is locked-in to draft prospects year-round. Definitely worth a follow.

For the sake of time, I'm going to list the rest of my must-follows from here on out without lengthy descriptions. They aren't any less important than those above, I just realized there are so many guys to list that it would take forever to write a paragraph for each. Feel free to add your take below if you think it will be helpful.

@BrendanLeister - Browns fan, draft nut

@RUSSLANDE - Draft analyst for NFP, GM Jr.

@JoshLIskiewitz - Draft analyst for GM Jr. with Brande

@JoshNorris - Rotoworld Draft writer

@RobRang - Sr. Draft Analyst for, Sports XChange and

@nfldraftscout - Draft Lead Writer for B/R, member PFWAA

@Jmpasq - Cuts-up MAD videos of prospects

@GBBZach - Falcons fan and draft nerd

@FirstRoundGrade - Founder

@MattWaldman - Journalist/Scouting Portfolio author, and

@Gil_Brandt - The GodFather! Gil was a VP of Personnel for Dallas for 29 years

@lifesyourcup - Writes for and Smart football mind

@NFLDraftMonster - Founder of

@ShanePHallam - Draft analyst, member PFWAA and FSWA

@evansilva - Sr. NFL Editor for, writer for NBC Sports

@mario_clp - Another guy who cuts mad video for

@DraftCountdown - Founder of

@AaronAloysius - Writer and video chopper for