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Alex Smith rumors: Michael Vick contract restructure likely removes Eagles

We take a look at the latest quarterback news, with Michael Vick reportedly agreeing to the equivalent of a one-year deal with the Eagles.


A few days after the Jacksonville Jaguars were seemingly ruled out of the Alex Smith sweepstakes, we have some more news. Reports across Twitter have the Philadelphia Eagles coming to terms with Michael Vick on what is essentially a one-year deal. Vick's new deal is technically three years, but the final two years will void on March 15.

There were never any reports that the Eagles would take a look at Alex Smith, but I know there was plenty of chatter in here about whether the Eagles might take a look at him. And really it's just easier subtracting teams. Vick could earn upwards of $10 million with this one-year deal. With that and Nick Foles in place, it does not make much sense to bring in Alex Smith at this point.

Although this removes a team from consideration, it also removes a quarterback from the open market. The quarterback market is incredibly limited at this point. Matt Flynn is an option, but with limited experience, he would seemingly take a back seat to Smith in the trade market. Of course, we also don't know what kind of value the 49ers will be looking to get for Smith, so we're left to wait and see on that front.