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NFL Draft 2013: Jordan Poyer prospect profile

We take a look at Oregon State cornerback Jordan Poyer.


What position is the biggest weakness on the San Francisco 49ers? It can be debated, but the secondary is one area that has shown to be a weak link at times. This draft will see the 49ers look to find some upgrades at cornerback. Oregon State's Jordan Poyer is a guy who could turn out to be a solid NFL corner. he has a make up that translates well at the next level.

The 49ers not only will be looking to improve the secondary, but they also will have to figure out who fits into their long term plans. Carlos Rogers is the most obvious corner who won't be around for the long term. Tarell Brown at 28, is signed through 2013. It is yet to be seen if he fits into the 49ers long term plans. I believe Chris Culliver will be around in a 49ers uniform for a while. Yes, Cully has had some ups and downs, but he has shown promise. Perrish Cox and Tramaine Brock aren't even locks to make the roster next season, so they'll have to earn their spots next season before worrying about long term security. With a potential spot or two open for a corner on this team, could Poyer claim one of the spots?


- Great instincts: He is a student of the game and knows what routes the receivers are running. He's shown he can jump routes and come up with a big interception.

-Good hands: For a cornerback, he can catch the ball. Poyer tallied 7 interceptions this season.

-Physical: Poyer loves to play tight coverage and push around the receiver the first five yards. He's feisty in this regard and can hold his own against receivers bigger than he is. Poyer also has made some jarring hits at times, he also is an effective blitzer.

-Special Teams: Poyer was the kick and punt returner for the Beavers. Having versatility is something that will bump his stock up.


- Has shown that he needs to be more aggressive in run support and running up and making the tackle.

- In zone coverage he may let a receiver in his area get a little more free than he should, must tighten that up.

-Not often, but has lost his man in coverage at times, ultimately getting burnt.

Doing Your Homework: Watch some film of Poyer as your homework. Watch film of him against Texas, BYU, and Arizona State. Below is a video of Poyer vs. Wisconsin:

Why He May Fit The 49ers: He's a physical corner who likes to get his hands on the receiver at the line. The 49ers defense is at it's best when they are able to pressure the quarterback, and they are in tight man-press coverage. Poyer would fit nicely into the 49ers scheme in that way. Poyer is known to be a better zone corner, but in my opinion he'll be a good man corner as well. He also is a kick and punt returner. With Ted Ginn Jr. hitting the road, Poyer would add depth on special teams at the very least.

Why He Might Not Fit The 49ers: The 49ers want corners who can tackle, I'm not sure if Poyer is the best tackler. There have been times where he isn't aggressive and just stands around waiting for another player to make a play instead of having that killer instinct and going in for the hit. I wouldn't call him timid in this regard, because he makes big hits at times. He's selective with them though. The main issue is tackling in run support. When it's him vs. a receiver, Poyer is going to do all he can to get him down and knock the breaks off him.

What They're Saying:

- Poyer is the No. 41 prospect overall on SB Nation's top 100 big board.

- SB Nation's Dan Kadar has Poyer going to the New England Patriots in the second round of his two-round mock draft.

- Check out all of his college stats at


Poyer could be a candidate for the 49ers if they decide to trade out of the first round. I don't know if he is worth pick no. 31, but he could help his case at the combine. He will have to have a good 40 yard dash time. If he runs a strong 40, look for him to move a little higher on draft boards. In a perfect world, Poyer would fall to the 49ers in the 2nd round and we'd get what I'd deem a steal, but that's unlikely. I think there's a lot to like about this prospect, but picking him in the first, could that be too early? Only time will tell.