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Joe Staley tweets about LaMichael James, the Super Bowl, comedy and more

Joe Staley got bored Monday evening and engaged with some of his Twitter followers. He are some of the topics he discussed.

Chris Graythen

49ers offensive tackle Joe Staley got a little bored last night, and decided to chat with his followers on Twitter. He hit on a wide range of subjects, and I thought I'd post some of the responses that were either interesting from a football perspective, or just interesting from a random tidbit of information perspective.

It will be interesting to see if 49ers players have much to say about the Super Bowl as they move toward the new season. Coach Harbaugh has had his fair share of comments about the officiating, but the players have been relatively quiet on the matter.

Staley was named second-team All Pro this year for the second consecutive season. Pro Football Focus rated him as their No. 1 offensive tackle in the entire NFL. Their ranking was based on a run blocking number that was nearly double the second offensive tackle. I take their analysis with a grain of salt, but Staley did show some great things this year.

I recall hearing other reports that Justin Smith was really funny, but we all know Anthony Dixon can be entertaining as well. I can see Dixon being that accidentally funny in one way even though he was trying to be on purpose funny in another way. He's got that goofball mentality.

As the 49ers head into 2013, LaMichael James will definitely be a guy to watch. After finally cracking the active roster, James showed a vast array of skills. James was one of the last players to join the team, missing much of the OTAs last year because Oregon finished classes so late. A full offseason provides the 49ers offensive coaching staff with plenty of time to work him even further into the game plan.

Joe is clealry falling off when it comes to his work in the receiving game. That's one area he obviously needs to focus on in the offseason. Gotta work on those hands and learning his routes!

I've tried to get into Premier League soccer, but it's hard without being able to attend games in person. I went to an Arsenal game during the 49ers trip to London two years ago and had a blast. Soccer at the highest level in person is a blast. On TV, it's not quite as much fun for me. I might give it another whirl in the coming months of the offseason.

I'm sure he gets this plenty.

In case you're wondering about his "voice of Beyonce", here you go:

In case you're wondering about the excitement of a day in the life of Joe Staley. For me, I'm a scrambled eggs man all the way. I used to be a Coke guy, but I've actually given up soda. I quit last August and have managed to stay off it since then.

Given that Joe is a Michigan-native, this is not a surprising answer.

And if you want Joe's autograph, the team's mailing address, courtesy of

Marie P. DeBartolo Sports Centre
4949 Centennial Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95054