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Jimmy Kimmel video: Cousin Sal consoles 49ers fans

Jimmy Kimmel had Cousin Sal set up outside the Superdome following the 49ers Super Bowl loss to the Ravens. Cousin Sal offered consolation to 49ers fans, which started off comforting, but then got a little awkward.

I know some folks are not ready to move past the Super Bowl, but hopefully you can find a little humor in this. Jimmy Kimmel had Cousin Sal in place outside the Superdome following Super Bowl XLVII. Cousin Sal was there to console 49ers fans following the loss, and it was quite the spectacle.

The video starts out as fairly comforting, but as the bit wore on, it got a little more awkward for some folks. It's pretty random, but I think entertaining. I probably wish I would have seen him when I left the Superdome.