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Golden Nuggets: For the team that has everything, Percy Harvin

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Hannah Foslien

Happy Saint Polyeuctus Day, everyone. I'll get that out of the way so I can skip the nonsense tomorrow. There is actually some news today, so that will give me something to write about. I've written the comments on the articles first, and now am of the mind that there's not much to talk about up top. You'll see what's going on in my mind in due time.

One thing I wanted to ask, while I have your attention, is what should we do with the Nuggets on slow days. I won't always have time, but sometimes there's little to write about and I've got the desire. What can we do with the Nuggets on these days? Any ideas? It's your space as well as mine. Let me know if you want something else out of it during the offseason and I'll try to oblige.

And with that...the links...

Assorted 49ers News

Percy Harvin rumors are spreading. We have so many draft picks and so few roster spots. A lot of the picks are later on, and we obviously draft late in the rounds, but BASG says an unnamed GM thinks the Vikings would be lucky to get a third-rounder for him. At that price... | Percy Harvin to the 49ers sounds both great and terrifying (BASG)

Christian Gin take a look at each of the 49ers' free agents and gives you an idea of what we should do with them. I mean, who on the list is most likely irreplaceable? Dashon Goldson, and that is all. Pay the man. | 49ers free agency: Who to keep? (Gin)

Here is one what should be the last of the Super Bowl reviews, from our good friends at 49ers web zone. They note all of the mistakes. I'm trying to move on, so I shan't read it. Sorry guys. | Upon further review: (Not so) Super Bowl review (49erswebzone)

It seems like most people are convinced that Michael Crabtree is an elite receiver in the NFL. I hope he takes note that showing up in the offseason makes a difference. This will be Colin Kaepernick's first offseason spent with first team reps, I'm hoping it makes the whole offense unstoppable. It seemed like they were on the verge of it, despite some obvious flaws. Also, I personally don't think that having one 1,000 yard year makes you elite. Is Brian Hartline elite? | Niners' Crabtree now established among NFL's elite receivers (NBC)

Matt Barrows takes a deeper look at what position groups we need to boost with our bounty of draft picks. We're anticipating 14 picks going into the draft. People have pointed out on the site that we definitely don't have room for 14 guys, so we may want to think about trading up. | Examining 49ers' biggest draft needs (Barrows)

Matt Maiocco answers questions from his mailbag on basically every topic mentioned above. | 49ers mailbag: Trade period begins March 12 (Maiocco)

Greg Roman will innovate after Super Bowl loss (

The history of Candlestick Park (Examiner)

Ex-49er lineman Bubba Paris could face prison time over tax charges (CBS)

2013 salary cap outlook, plus can the 49ers add a big name via trade (49erswebzone)


2012 plays of the year: Takeaways (

Being a Sheep

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