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NFL trade rumors: Why Percy Harvin to 49ers will not happen

The 49ers have been speculated on by some as a potential landing spot for Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin. We look at reasons why this will not happen.

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

Earlier this week, we had some discussion about why the 49ers might be inclined to make a deal for disgruntled Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin. He would bring an additional explosive threat to the 49ers offense and his 2013 salary would not be too prohibitive.

There has been some follow-up on Harvin's price, and one NFL executive said he would be shocked if the Vikings got more than a third round pick for Harvin. Given the 49ers three third round picks in hand, that would certainly seem to be tempting.

The draft pick itself is not really the huge issue, although the 49ers are not one to make too many picks-for-player deals. Their 2012 roster featured exactly one player acquired via trade, Ted Ginn Jr. This is not to say that a trade automatically will not happen, but good teams don't unload picks for players unless they are absolutely certain of the situation.

With regards to Harvin, it goes beyond just giving up a pick. Harvin's value is partially tied to his desire for a contract extension. He is a free agent after this season and a league source has indicated Harvin will hold out without a new deal.

Whatever team does acquire Harvin will likely have worked out a contract extension as part of that deal. While the 49ers could use another threat in the offense, I would be surprised to see them open to handing out a contract extension to a guy who has never played a down in this offense. Percy Harvin is incredibly talented, but with so many other talented players on the roster in line for new contracts, I just don't see the 49ers making this deal.