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Golden Nuggets: Why I love the 49ers; Valentine's Day edition

Thursday, February 14, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.


It's Valentine's Day today. It doesn't mean much to me, as me and wife don't do anything for it. Can we use this day to talk about what we love about the 49ers? Since I'm a romantic, and I'm in charge, I guess we can.

What I love about the Aaron Malone...

Baseball was always my first love. Basketball saw me through middle school and high school. But footballl was always there, and we were always winners. My first football memories are from the '84 title run. I follow the Giants and Kings in the other two sports, so as you are all aware, until 2010, I was not familiar with winning anything. The only joy I ever experienced in following professional sports was in football. The 49ers taught me the joy of following a team, for better or worse, and what it feels like when millions of fans collectively hold their breath as the final seconds run out. Titles are great. I can't wait for another.

How about some links?

Assorted 49ers News

BASG talks about two bits of Niners news. First is Ahmad Brooks' salary for 2013 dropping after he failed to meet certain incentives. The second bit deals with Tom Gamble leaving the club. His loss may hurt more than any of us ever knew. | Greg Roman speaks ... and stays with the 49ers (BASG)

It seems like Bay Area NBC is amping up their work. Haven't been able to read everything, but they might be taking things more seriously. Nice. CBS did a good job with it. Can never hurt to have more coverage of our team. | Offensive coordinator Roman motivated by loss (NBC)

Aldon Smith wants to grow in the offseason. Making better decisions away from football would be a good start! Also, consistency. He had a ton of sacks but 5 came in one game. | Aldon Smith expects growth in 2013 (

Here's a good article on the 49ers' objectives this offseason. The usual suspects are there. Special teams needs help. Wide receiver, defensive line and secondary are there as well. We've got the picks to cure it all, though. | Niners' offseason objectives for 2013 (49erswebzone)

Cam Inman has a complete list of free agents for all the teams. | One month until shopping season for these free agents (Inman)

Eagles hire 49ers' Personnel Director Tom Gamble (Gin)

Source: Brooks' salary 'de-escalates' by $1.6 million (Maiocco)

Ahmad Brooks' big hit on Matt Ryan in Falcons' rearview mirror (CSN)

Team's move angers many longtime San Francisco fans (Killion)

VIDEO: Dream foundation visit (

Being a Sheep

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