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Which player is your draft crush this Valentine's Day?

Have you got a draft crush? Of course you do. Share the deets.

Sam Greenwood

While your benevolent dictator Fooch is away on a cruise, it means you are all in control of myself and first mate Dylan. I figured this is as good a time as any to get some of those steamy Valentine's Day details from the readers and ...

OK, well that's not what we'll be doing. While I'm a stickler for breaking the rules, I'm not keen on making the blog require an age verification on sign-up.

What we can do is talk about our 2013 NFL Draft crushes today. As you guys probably know, I love the scouting process and if I wasn't so mind-numblingly awesome as a writer, I would be doing my damndest to actually be a football scout.

And as you also probably know, I do have a bad tendency to latch onto one player and mention him at every possible instance until you guys are sick of me. Of course, I sometimes do this with actual NFL players (Dominique Zeigler WAS OUR FUTURE!) but the "draft crush" is a well known thing these days.

Most of the beat writers get one, the scouts get one (for an example of a draft crush going terribly, terribly wrong, look no further than Russ Lande claiming that Ryan Nassib is not only the best quarterback, but the best player in the nation this year ... yeah OK) and I'm sure each of you have one.

So let's hear it. Who's your draft crush? Let's get a discussion going. My draft crush is safety Bacarri Rambo, and it's not because of his name. I will have a full post on him eventually, and all of the front page staff that pays attention to this kind of thing will have one as well.

Who ya got?