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2013 NFL Draft: So who's your anti-crush, then?

You gave us your draft crushes, now we want to know who your anti-crush is. Who do you want far, far away from the 49ers?

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Nothing elaborate, I just sent some flowers to the girlie at work and watched some of our favorite shows when she got home. Nothing crazy, but I'm not looking for crazy. How was yours?

Yesterday, we had a thread on draft crushes, where you good folk posted on the players that you absolutely are into this time 'round, and I thought it was fitting for Valentine's Day. One reader brought up a good idea: an anti-crush post for today, the day where I'm sure plenty of people are feeling crabby over a poor Valentine's.

To be perfectly clear, this isn't a "hate" thread as the reader described it. All Niners Nation rules are still in effect, including the one about no gratuitous player bashing and no swearing. If you want to swear, go find one of the Super Bowl game threads and swear to your heart's content.

But anyway, I want to know which players that you absolutely do not want to come to San Francisco. Let's not be silly and list seventh rounders or quarterbacks or something like that. I'm talking safeties, defensive linemen, wide receivers ... things like that.

Maybe you're not sold on the Jonathan Cyprien hype. Maybe you're hoping that Sharrif Floyd doesn't make it to 31 (he won't) and that the experts are right in that vein. I want to know who you don't like and why. Maybe you think that a player isn't as good as people say, or maybe you don't like their attitude.

Let's hear it.