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Book an NFL player for a day

ever wanted to hang out with an NFL player for a day? gives you that chance.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

When I get bored sometimes I just look up random stuff on the internet. I'll spend hours on Wikipedia, scientific related things, history, movies, sports, you name it. The other night I don't even remember how, but I stumbled upon

Thuzio is a site where you can book an athlete for an event of your liking. Check out the list, which isn't just football players, they have athletes from all sports.

Not too many former 49ers are listed, but if you live in the Orlando area, you can book Ricky Watters. For $199 Ricky will call you and talk for ten minutes or less. For a little more ($1,250), Ricky will attend your fantasy draft, play a pick up football game with you, or go to dinner with you and your friends.

Other 49ers players you can book are Chris Doleman, Keith Henderson and Mike Sherrard.

It's interesting looking at all the former players and their prices for bookings (they vary). See anyone you'd shell out some shekels for?