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Could 49ers get blitz help in the form of Charles Woodson?

The 49ers don't blitz often, but getting a certain veteran safety could have them dialing up some good ones.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the release of Green Bay Packers safety Charles Woodson is official, I'd like to add my own $.02 to the conversation. Our own Tre Faaborg asked if Woodson was a good fit with the San Francisco 49ers for a season and he seemed pretty positive on the idea.

His suggestion is that Woodson could be brought in as something of a passing-down specialist, who could come in on certain plays to work with Donte Whitner as opposed to in front of him. Maybe they're two halves of a whole safety.

I'd like to take it a step further, personally. We all know that the 49ers are not much of a blitzing team. I wasn't able to get the specific stats, but we know that they generally get most of their pressure by just sending four guys, and even when they bring safeties or corners, they usually have someone else drop back.

I think Woodson could be just what we need to dial up some blitzes. One thing that the Packers have always done extremely well under Dom Capers is utilize the defensive back blitz. They'll send corners and they'll send safeties and we've personally seen Alex Smith sacked and hit by these guys before.

Woodson isn't a sack master by any means, but he's been a blitzing defensive back for his entire career. Not only am I on board with having Woodson come in just because I think we could use him as a starter, I think he would be a legitimate benefit to our pass rush if used properly.

If he comes in off the bench or starts, I think Woodson can add a piece to our defense that has been missing. Justin Smith can't be that guy forever, and I think adding that unpredictable nature to the defense, a la the 2000 Ravens, could be huge.

What say you? If not Woodson, do you think the 49ers should be addressing the blitz going forward? Do you want them sending safeties and corners? I'd love to hear your opinions.