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Golden Nuggets: Randy Moss and his role with the 49ers

Sunday, February 17, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Sundays. The laziest day of all. My friend lived on Tonga for a while and told me that if you tried to do anything on a Sunday, whether it's play baseball, sweep your porch, or, heaven forbid, work, the cops will come around. They're not having it. I wish I could have said the same for my Australian Sunday. I had to go to an engagement party. My wife's from the right side of the tracks and that's what they do there. People spend more money on engagement parties and gifts than my family spends on two weddings. I'm not complaining. I got free beer and tacos. Life is good.

As for the 49ers, there's not much going on. I'll lead it off with BASG again, because he's tackled the topic that's been causing a bit of a stir around the site. What are we going to do about Randy Moss? It appears that people are split 50/50, right down the middle on whether or not we should keep him.

I commend him for his behaviour. If you would have told me he'd have 28 catches and three touchdowns at the start of the season, I would have told you he would have blown up at some point. He didn't. He played his role, was a model teammate by all accounts and, despite his diminished skills, should have the chance to play in 2013. But should it be with us?

Can we better use that roster spot. I don't think he threatened the deep ball. Maybe the FO thinks that with a whole offseason of reps, him and Colin Kaepernick can make something work, but I think that the same could be said for any receiver and young Kap. What do you think? | Should he stay or should he go: Randy Moss (BASG)

Well if the 49ers decide to part ways with Mr Moss, what would they do with his spot? Here are two guys who would jump at the opportunity. | Wideouts Ricardo Lockette, Chad Hall working with Colin Kaepernick in Atlanta (Barrows)

I think he would give Jon Jones a run for his money if he dedicated himself. He's that kind of athlete. | Aldon Smith getting his MMA kicks (Inman)

All-Stars Durant, Harden rooting for 49ers (CSN)

Being a Sheep

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