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Ricky Jean Francois tweets might help reveal his future

49ers defensive tackle Ricky Jean Francois sent out a tweet indicating his desire to stay in the Bay Area. Is it just a wish on his part, or could a deal be near?


Ricky Jean-Francois shot out a tweet late last night indicating a desire to stick around the Bay Area for the rest of his career. Players tweet all sorts of things, and we can only take so much from 140 characters of discussion:

Some people tweeted me asking whether this meant a deal might be done. This strikes me as more of a general desire, but when you see "hint hint hint", I am not surprised it got people thinking it means more than it does.

The 49ers have until March 12 to re-sign their free agents before they hit the open market. I imagine the 49ers have begun making offers to some players, while there will be others who will not get a sniff from the team.

We will likely see some deals done between now and the 12th, but it remains to be seen just how many. For now, we can continue keeping an eye on players' Twitter accounts for any sorts of hints. Players have become more and more open to using Twitter to let people know what has gone down for them. The team is usually a little slower letting people know as they will wait until the deal is officially signed, so maybe Ricky Jean will have words of news for us in the coming days.