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NFL salary cap could climb north of $122 million

We take a look at an updated salary cap number, released by Pro Football Talk on February 19.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

For much of this offseason, we have been operating under the assumption that the NFL would have a salary cap of approximately $121.1 million. It turns out the number might move a little higher than that for 2013. Pro Football Talk is reporting the salary could in fact move into the $122 million range, marking an increase of potentially $1.4 million.

This does benefit every team, but I think we can find some value for the 49ers as they look at their 2013 cap figures. The 49ers have shown a strong ability to maneuver around the cap, and giving them a little over a million dollars in additional funds can only mean good things.

Although every team gets that money, not every team has proven smart in their use of cap funds. The 49ers still have some house-cleaning to do as free agency approaches in three weeks. They will need to figure out Alex Smith and Dashon Goldson's situations, while also considering contract extensions for Justin Smith and several members of the offensive line.