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Super Bowl 2013, 49ers vs. Ravens: Niners Nation Staff Predictions

The Niners Nation staff brings you their official predictions for Super Bowl XLVII, featuring the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

We're closing in on Super Bowl XLVII where the destiny of the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens will finally be determined.

This week we posted picks from ESPN, Sports Illustrated and, but once again, we've saved the best for last. We got opinions and predictions from the Niners Nation staff, which includes the final score, MVP and notable moment of the game.

It was interesting to see where everyone's head was at going into this game. So, without further adieu:

David Fucillo

Score: 34-20 SF

MVP: LaMichael James

Notable Moment: LaMichael James runs back a kick for a touchdown, and scores a rushing touchdown in his upset MVP performance.

Dylan DeSimone

Score: 33-27 SF

MVP: Colin Kaepernick

Notable Moment: NaVorro Bowman has a nostalgic performance reminiscent of Ray Lewis' versus the Tennessee Titans in the '01 AFC Divisional Round, which includes a game-sealing pick-6.

Andrew Carroll

Score: 35-24 SF

MVP: Frank Gore

Notable Moment: Randy Moss puts up 100 yards, including a 60+ yard touchdown reception on a Kaepernick bomb.

Trevor Woods

Score: 31-17 SF

MVP: Colin Kaepernick

Notable Moment: Randy Moss finds the end zone on a 45 yard pass from Kaepernick.

Jason Hurley

Score: 28-14 SF

MVP: Colin Kaepernick

Notable Moment: The moment of the game that marks the win would be a defensive goal line stop on 4th down by Justin Smith and the front 7.

James Brady

Score: 34-17 BAL

MVP: Anquan Boldin

Notable Moment: Boldin breaks three tackles en route to a game-tying touchdown at 14-14 as the first half comes to an end.

Aaron Malone

Score: 26-20 SF

MVP: Colin Kaepernick

Notable Moment: Following another beautiful Andy Lee punt (who should get MVP, but they don't give it to punters), Ahmad Brooks forces Flacco into an intentional grounding penalty (he never gets the stat, just the result).

Anthony Ly

Score: 31-21 SF

MVP: Colin Kaepernick

Notable Moment: The moment of the game' will be a back-to-back sequence of plays late in the fourth quarter in which Kaep runs for a gash of 40 yards, and then throws a touchdown to Michael Crabtree on the very next play to solidify their lead.

Nick Chiamardas

Score: 24-23 SF

MVP: Frank Gore

Notable Moment: David Akers kicks the game winning 48-yard field goal as time expires.

Danny Tuccitto

Score: 31-20 SF

MVP: Colin Kaepernick

Notable Moment: The two notable moments (besides the clock hitting triple zeros for a sixth Lombardi) will be a Kaepernick touchdown run of 40+ yards and a Randy Moss touchdown reception of 40+ yards.

It should be noted that Tre Faaborg decided not to participate for superstitious reasons as he did not want to jeopardize the team. James Brady was also slightly superstitious with his pick, citing his history of pessimistic picks in correlation with the 49ers wins.

The scores and notable moments are the best part here. It goes to show who everyone feels will be impact players on Sunday. Obviously there were bound to be people like myself who predicted Kaepernick as MVP, but LaMichael James and Frank Gore were bold picks that could come to fruition.

In order for the 49ers to win, the rushing attack must be flowing on Sunday. Herego, if they come away victorious, odds are Gore and/or James had something to do with it. Whatever the exact score, whoever the MVP, all should be well if the 49ers come out on top.