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NFL Combine 2013: Take a sample Wonderlic

It's that time of the year. The NFL Combine means the annual return of the Wonderlic test. The NFL is adding a new test to complement the Wonderlic, but that does not mean we won't give you a practice exam anyway.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The NFL Combine is back in our lives for a week, which means the Wonderlic test gets dusted off for a few days of publicity. Today marks the start of the Wonderlic, with the first arrivals from Wednesday taking the test. It is an often criticized test for what it does not test as much as what it does test. If you missed it back in 2011, I highly recommend reading Danny Tuccitto's NN breakdown of how the Wonderlic is not related to QB performance.

The Wonderlic remains a staple of the Combine, but the good news is the NFL has added a new test to complement it. The new test is intended to "this new test measures a wide range of competencies, including learning styles, motivation, decision-making skills, responding to pressure or unexpected stimuli, and core intellect." If you are interested in a more analytical discussion of this new test, Mike Tanier wrote about it over at Sports on Earth based on his background in standardized testing. It's an interesting read if you get a minute.

In the meantime, we might as well give the Wonderlic another test run, right? Walter Football and ESPN both have provided a sample of the Wonderlic. Here are 15 questions, with the answers at the bottom. To determine your score, figure out how many you get correct, then multiple by 3.333. I ran mine and finished with a score of 40 (rounded up fro 39.996).

Set your watch for 3:36 and get through as many questions as you can. Feel free to post your score in the comments, even if it's atrocious!

1. Assume the first two statements are true. Is the final one...

  1. True
  2. False
  3. Not certain

The boy plays baseball. All baseball players wear hats. The boy wears a hat.

5. A train travels 20 feet in 1/5 second. At this speed, how far will it travel in three seconds?

3. How many of the five pairs of items listed below are exact duplicates?

Nieman, K.M. Neiman, K.M.
Thomas, G.K. Thomas, C.K.
Hoff, J.P. Hoff, J.P.
Pino, L.R. Pina, L.R.
Warner, T.S. Wanner, T.S.

-Do these words...

  1. Have similar meanings
  2. Have contradictory meanings
  3. Mean neither the same nor opposite

6. When rope is selling at $.10 a foot, how many feet can you buy for 60 cents?

15. One of the numbered figures in the following drawing is most different from the others. What is the number in that figure?


7. The ninth month of the year is...

  1. October
  2. January
  3. June
  4. September
  5. May

11. Assume the first two statements are true. Is the final one...

  1. True
  2. False
  3. Not certain

Tom greeted Beth. Beth greeted Dawn. Tom did not greet Dawn.

12. A boy is 17 years old and his sister is twice as old. When the boy is 23 years old, what will be the age of his sister?

2. Paper sells for 21 cents per pad. What will four pads cost?

9. In printing an article of 48,000 words, a printer decides to use two sizes of type. Using the larger type, a printed page contains 1,800 words. Using smaller type, a page contains 2,400 words. The article is allotted 21 full pages in a magazine. How many pages must be in smaller type?

13. Look at the row of numbers below. Which number should come next?

8 4 2 1 1/2 1/4 ?

14. The hours of daylight and darkness in SEPTEMBER are nearest equal to the hours of daylight and darkness in...

  1. June
  2. March
  3. May
  4. November

8. Which number in the following group of numbers represents the smallest amount?

7 .8 31 .33 2

10. Three individuals form a partnership and agree to divide profits equally. X invests $9,000, Y invests $7,000 and Z invests $4,000. If the profits are $4,800, how much less does X receive than if the profits were divided in proportion to the amount invested?

To figure out your score, determine the total number correct and then multiply by 3.333. Normally the test is 50 questions, so I divided 50 by 15 to come up with 3.333.

Answer Key

1. True

5. 300 feet

3. 1

4. 1

6. Six feet

15. 4

7. 4, September

11. Not certain

12. 40 years old

2. 84 cents

9. 17

13. 1/8

14. 2, March

8. .33

10. $560